Although, a forklift requires space for the road, turn and spin, but a forklift driver should be able to minimize the width of the road to be traversed. Forklift driver’s license must be accompanied and pass a test to drive a forklift with effectively. Effective intended here able to pass through a small alley with no dangerous items or objects nearby.

Selection of professional drivers are very helpful in saving space used for the track. In addition, the use of other transport equipment must be considered. Without prejudice to the performance of conveyances, cultivated trajectory made between material to one another, shelves to one another should be minimized.

Planning aisle space in fact depends on the type and size of material to be stored. For example, materials that form the iron plate which has a certain size, then the trajectory is carried out in accordance with the size of the iron plate. Then after the material has been taken into account then only then think about transportation. Does it have a lot of flat places to eat, or can be transported in a tilted position so that only require a small path.

5S management remains the basis for the use of aisle space saving activities as the basis of lean manufacturing. Improved efficiency in layman can not be calculated the value of cost, but these variables contribute to company profit. With the scientific approach of lean manufacturing can be obtained then how much cost can be saved and how much profit can be obtained.