LIFO for Temporary Items

Regulation of the cargo loading system, LIFO (Last In First Out) at the time must be done because the conditions of loading and unloading is not possible. For example, where a limited problem, not just horizontally, and the only way is stacked. Stacking stuff like this is not possible for the FIFO system.
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Regulation of Last In First Out is usually used for the relatively rapid turnover of goods with a cheaper cost considerations and the risk of delay did not significantly affect the quality of goods. As an example of activities that use this system is the activity of truck loading and unloading containers to place temporary placements before being transported to stores.

n this area things will not be detained for more than a day and must immediately be brought to the store. If you impose with FIFO system then there must be additional cost of making the place a wide conveyor. With considerations of cost and speed of handling the most suitable system is a LIFO system.

LIFO is only suitable for temporary items. If the intensity of high loading and excessive buildup occurs it must find a way out to overcome them. Whether by increasing transportation (forklift) or by adding a conveyor if the place is still possible.
Material derived from container trucks in place temporarily, but it must be ensured its place. In this place that allowed for LIFO system, with the conditions specified are: Seats are limited, short storage time, are handled quickly

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