As a new member in manufacturing should know the material flow from raw material to become finished goods. Therefore an understanding of the material handling not only provided training to store members only but all processes must know and understand very well about the material handling.

In every process there must be a stock of materials to be done, if they do not understand the 5S and how to correct treatment of the material and will reduce the production performance of the tip would have been wasting time on the production line.

Generally, material handling is an activity that remains the treatment of the material on lean manufacturing megacu that avoids excessive waste. Activities which shall include storage, displacement, protection and supervision

Storage should be done by considering the condition of the goods, the places available, the type of goods, how to save, and the expired date.

Movement of goods / materials must consider the safety factor of the good itself and the safety of the operator. In addition, demand factors, along with the choice of transport used. Is using the trolley, forklift and conveyor? If high usage levels can use automatic conveyor.

Material safety should also be observed by first sorting the materials to be stored based on risk level, then stored with a different treatment. If the material is very risky and require special protection, must also be separated and placed a special place.


Created organizationally supervisory systems to ensure the material being watched intently to delay of supply, security of material, and material distribution. As far as possible be avoided tion-defective goods that entered production. Moreover operator also conducted surveillance to ensure they work in accordance with the standard of work provided and always pay attention to the concept of lean manufacturing is to minimize wasted activity in the workplace.