Auxiliary equipment for material handling is absolutely necessary with consideration to usability and effectiveness. In other words the use of tools should aim to simplify your job. But be careful because it could be the use of auxiliary equipment will mitigate on the one side only but not effective for another. For example the use of forklifts, forklift area stores may be freely, but the difficulty into the narrow streets in the areas of production. It also must be careful in, worried if the forklift hit the machine or material on the surrounding streets in its path.

How lean manufacturing concepts can reduce waste due to the use of proper equipment.
– First identified first, if what equipment should be used to handle the material. For example Forklift, hand fork lifts, etc. Trolley
– Observing the trajectory to be traversed with the material of the type of transportation that will pass
– After that a new set of transportation that must be passed in the existing pathways in the plant, taking into account factors of efficiency, security and speed

To enter the production areas that have a narrow path and varied, designed trolley should be used in accordance with track width to be passed.

After all design is so constructed with reference to the effectiveness of the manufacturing base, then the next step is the standardization and dissemination to all members of the company.

One more thing, the information above should be integrated with the concept of lean manufacturing 5S sebaai basic manufacturing activities. So that coordination with 5S good condition will produce good manufacturing conditions as well.