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Over-Production Problem!

Over-production in layman does not seem to cause a problem, actually will increase the existing stock product. So at any time if needed can be sent directly to the customer Over-production here could be interpreted to produce the product does not comply with the request eventually makes the excess stock. This excess stock will cause the problems that have to do with quality. In the context of lean manufacturing, over-production is the waste which must be removed from production systems. The principle of lean manufacturing is to produce products according to customer specifications and demand. If the product exceeds the demand may be indicated occur extravagance.

Lean Manufacturing from the Customer Viewpoint

Lean manufacturing can be defined as the attainment of certain values which refers to the standard products that meet customer qualification. Lean manufacturing is strongly linked to customer satisfaction management. Customer does not want to know about the production process undertaken and with what technology the product was produced. But they will only evaluate the product he purchased in accordance with required specifications. Customer will not be considering the problems that have produced. For them is a finished product with a high quality specification and low prices is their goal to pay to buy the product. It’s very simple from the viewpoint of the customer.

Customer Management

Demand and the level of customer satisfaction should be the parameters for improvements. Some variables include the variation request type request, the trend of demand from time to time, the total demand and seasonal demand. Then the variables are used as parameters such as level of customer satisfaction product quality, service friendliness, accuracy of the product with the requested specifications and speed of delivery. All the above variables must be managed with a serious and organized, because the factors that will bring business to success.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction In 4 Ways

Building customer trust and loyalty by being transparent with them using points from can be quite fruitful, but measuring that Customer satisfaction or trust is difficult for many reasons. Determining customer satisfaction because their feedback is less than because most people choose to continue to be silent when satisfied. A few people do not need to contact the companies while others are attempting to file their issues. The requirements for customer satisfaction are not only unique but difficult to quantify. Setting standards and increasing employee relationships with customers is a central strategy for measuring customer satisfaction and ensuring that success is decided. Just how to measure customer satisfaction include: Kotler, at approach, (1996) determined four methods for measuring customer satisfaction, as follows: 1. Problems and Suggestions System Just about every customer oriented org

Customer satisfaction measurement metric method

Consumer satisfaction is the level of consumer feeling after comparing between what he receives and his expectations. if A customer is satisfied with the value provided by the product or service, it is very likely to be a customer for a long time. Measurement Methods of Consumer Satisfaction According to Kotler cited from Total Quality Management Book there are several methods that can be used in measuring customer satisfaction, such as (Tjiptono, 2003: 104): a. Complaints and suggestions system Customer Centered organizations provide customers with extensive opportunities to share their suggestions and complaints, in case you need to handle a customer, here is an article about how FINRA arbitration works . This information can provide brilliant ideas for the company and enable it to respond quickly and quickly to solve the problems that arise. b. Ghost shopping One way to get an idea of customer satisfaction is to hire some people to act or behave as potential buyers, then report thei

Customers satisfication strategy

Marketing is a process and managerial that allows individuals or groups to get what they need and want by creating, offering and exchanging valuable products to others or any activities that involve the delivery of products or services from producers to consumers. When talking strategy, social marketing or social marketing, the first question that arises is the form of strategy design. Furthermore, the important thing is how to formulate strategies and how to apply them. Then where should an organization start? Is it by simply adopting a business marketing strategy in “selling” ideas? Where to find solid use links ? here are some things to know: MARKET LEADER STRATEGY 1. Expanding Overall Market – NEW USAGE. Each product class has the potential to attract a buyer who does not know the product or who rejects it because of its price or lack of privilege. Manufacturers can search for new users among the three groups. For example, a perfume maker may try to convince a woman who has not us

The purpose of customer satisfaction research

The purpose of customer satisfaction research is to improve customer loyalty and yet so often surveys sit collecting dust. Worse than that, customers have generously given their time to assist in the customer satisfaction survey believing that some positive action will take place. Their expectations will have been raised. The process of collecting the data seems easier than taking action to improve satisfaction levels. Strategic Solutions are proud to partner with TV clients that seek clear intelligence to maximize their viewership and engagement.   In any customer satisfaction survey there will be quick fixes – actions that can be taken today or tomorrow that will have immediate effect. These could be quite specific such as a newsletter, changes to the invoicing, or a hot-line for technical information. In the longer term, cultural changes may well be required to improve customer satisfaction, and that is more difficult. More than 54% of customers think that the way is carried out b

What is Customer Satisfaction?

Basically, the purpose of a business is to create a satisfied consumer. The creation of customer satisfaction can provide several benefits such as the influence between the company and the consumer into a harmonious, providing a good basis for repeat purchase and the creation of consumer loyalty, and form a recommendation from mouth to mouth that is profitable for the company. There are some experts who define consumer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Consumer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the consumer’s response to a disconfirmation evaluation perceived between previous expectations (or other performance norms) and the actual performance of the perceived product after its use. Definitively it can be said that consumer satisfaction (Basu Swastha, 2000) is: “An impulse of individual desire that is directed to the goal to obtain satisfaction. In this case we need to know that a desire must be created or encouraged before fulfilling the motive. The source that drives the creation of

What is 5S?

Why many industry lean manufacturing 5S activity? How important is 5S? 5S is a housekeeping methodology adopted from the Japanese culture in managing the workplace, these activities include organizing, cleaning, developing and sustaining workspace premises in order to create a comfortable working environment and increase productivity, reduce waste and non-value activity. The concept of 5S is the Japanese-language word Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke. This concept was later applied by many manufacturing industries as the mindset of employees and invested to build a work ethic that practical, efficient and highly disciplined.

Measure and monitor customer satisfaction and enterprise customers

There are several methods that can be used every company to measure and monitor customer satisfaction and enterprise customers. : 1 . System of complaints and suggestions A customer-focused company that makes its customers to provide suggestions, their opinions and complaints. Media in use include a suggestion box in place in strategic places , providing comment card and a dedicated phone line from phone systems Sydney . But because these methods tend to be passive , it is difficult to get a complete picture of contentment and customer satisfaction. Not all dissatisfied customers will then deliver them directly. Just switch to another company and not the company will be a customer again. 2. Customer satisfaction survey Generally a lot of research on customer satisfaction in a survey done by using either by post , telephone or personal interview . Measurement of customer satisfaction through this method can be done in various ways, among others: 1. Directly Reported Satisfaction Measu

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction ( Customer Satisfaction) is determined by the customer’s perception of the performance of the product or service to meet customer expectations . Customers are satisfied when expectations are met or will be very satisfied if match customer expectations . In determining customer satisfaction , there are five factors that must be considered by the company ( Lupyoadi , 2001) , among others : 1. Quality of the product , ie customers will be satisfied if their results show that they are using quality products . 2. Quality of care or services , the customer will be satisfied when they get good service or as expected . 3. Emotions , ie customers will feel proud and get the belief that someone else will be amazed to him when using products with certain brands that tend to have higher levels of satisfaction . Satisfaction obtained not because of the quality of the product but the social or self- esteem that makes customers feel satisfied with a particular brand . 4. Price ,

Customer satisfaction is very dependent on the perceptions and expectations

General understanding about customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the result of the differences between consumer expectations with the performance perceived by consumers. Various definitions of customer satisfaction that has been researched and defined by marketing experts , it can be concluded that customer satisfaction is a behavioral response consumers in the form of after- purchase evaluation of a good or service that feels ( product performance ) compared to consumer expectations . Customer satisfaction is very dependent on the perceptions and expectations of the consumers themselves . The factors that influence perceptions and expectations of consumers when making a purchase of goods or services is the need and desire felt by the consumer when purchasing a product or service , past experience when consuming goods or services and the experience of friends who have consume the goods or services and advertising . In the competitive environment , the indicators that can demonst

Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing Company is a company engaged in the manufacture and assembly of raw materials or intermediate goods into finished goods ready for sale used funds enumerated by the consumer / end user. Manufacturing company means also the engine management, manpower and support equipment for processing raw materials into finished goods. But there is also the only manufacturing company producing the raw materials into semi-finished goods and raw materials supplier of the other manufacturing companies. Alpine Research Optics offers the best polarizing beam splitter optics in United states. Manufacturing companies based on their production activities can be a company that most of its production process was done by humans, there is also a manufacturing company that produced the activity is done using machines that still rely on human hands. But for a large manufacturing company, the use of high technology is an option that should be done to improve the efficiency and production errors. The u

Improvement Principles

Every time in the world of manufacturing, we are always required to Improve, improve and Improve. If the company wants progress must always make improvement every time. Improvement is based because of increasing competition in the product, both types of products and quality on the market. Some of the principles that must be held by the manufacturer to develop the company can be described as follows: 1. Improvement must be general and easily applied Methods of improvement are made, as far as possible should be applied by all members of the company. But if it is not possible to be arranged so that member companies that deal directly with the product can contribute to improvement of the methods that have been made.