What is 5S?

Why many industry lean manufacturing 5S activity? How important is 5S?

5S is a housekeeping methodology adopted from the Japanese culture in managing the workplace, these activities include organizing, cleaning, developing and sustaining workspace premises in order to create a comfortable working environment and increase productivity, reduce waste and non-value activity.

The concept of 5S is the Japanese-language word Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke. This concept was later applied by many manufacturing industries as the mindset of employees and invested to build a work ethic that practical, efficient and highly disciplined.

Seiri (Sort)Segregation of goods or equipment which is still used and which are not used. Dispose of materials and equipment that are not used from the workbench.

Seiton (Straighten) Arrange goods and equipment that has been sorted. Arrangement is meant is a rapid and orderly arranged so that at the time used easily and quickly accessible.

Seiso (Shine/Clean) Cleaning the workplace from something that could disturb the atmosphere and the concentration of work. It could be cleaning the floor from a table full of garbage, dirty dust equipment, With a habit of caring for and cleaning work area and equipment is expected to bring forth a sense of belonging and love his work.

Seiketsu (Standardize) Always keep and maintain in good working condition and comfortable as has been done on the three activities above (Seiri, Seiton Seiso) and create a kind of operating procedure Manufacturing 5S Standard Operation applied to each unit standard and easily understood.

Shitsuke (Commitment and Self-discipline) Provide collateral for the above four stages can be run regularly and continuously. Make and taught to all friends, working relationship with good work habits in accordance with standard operating and developing 5S attitude to follow the four SEI’s.

With lean manufacturing 5S workplace good practice in the area, then the system will be built up with the good work, increased work productivity, waste reduction activities, and safety



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