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Six Sigma analysis tools: Pareto Diagrams Identify Priorities

pareto diagram example Pareto diagram was first introduced by economists from Italy called Vilvredo Pareto in 1897 and then used Dr prosperity in the field of quality control. Pareto diagram identical to know the level of priority. At the highest frequency pareto diagrams are sorted to the lowest frequency that will be known factors are the priorities of the object being studied. Pareto used to determine the factors that most influence on an event or process. For example, in the company’s cost burden borne so great that profits are very low. Having conducted the analysis with various objects for example, material financing, employee wages, fuel, engine maintenance, and so got that finance staff are still ranked first in corporate finance thanks to our knowledge about how some of the rich & famous end up dead broke by plunged in debt . Data with pareto model already available that the cost of workers’ salaries are still high, again what to do? Still must be discussed and analyzed wh

DMAIC, the Black Belt and Team Executing : Foundations of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a method that is very neat and well structured. Structure in Six Sigma projects covering the steps called DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). In the implementation of the project and implementation of six sigma, quality project success is highly dependent on the facilitator who understands both management and statistics. The facilitator is often called the Black Belt Furthermore, holding the most important part is the team that implementing six sigma project . This executive team must be formed in such a solid to produce fresh ideas and smart and could create the applicable standards and be accountable.

Six Sigma: Statistical Methods for Improvement

What is six sigma? how it controls the manufacturing process? Manufacturing activity is so complex and complicated. But in essence is how to deliver a quality product and in accordance with the criteria that the customer requested. In the process of manufacture of products that do a lot of activities such as 5s which refers to Japanese culture in managing the workplace, lean manufacturing, six sigma, and so forth. In this article I will discuss about six sigma as a quality control activity.

Low workability Increase of defects

One indication of machining and waste treatment is the workability and Increase Low defect. Low workability means that low productivity or product produced by one process or workers. However, workability is described more broadly, it could mean the system is too slow and far from the expected production targets, or performance of employees who decline for many reasons, such as systems that are not too long-winded, a perfectionist system that actually makes the work process becomes ineffective. Increase of defect as a result of the treatment of goods that are not necessary but still performed. this can lead to work a second time and could result in product defects. Double inspection manual and automatic systems should be investigated where that could produce products that comply with the recommended quality standards. If the machine autoinspection can overcome the quality problems can be eliminated manual inspection. In addition to saving labor, the process can be faster.

Nonconforming Product Wastage

For manufacturers who produce products that have a kind / type that much physically but has the same shape and size should always be careful with the product mix with each other. Because if that happens it will cause the customer’s claim and can lead to customer trust will decrease. Therefore, the nonconforming product wastage must be addressed. Error on the product that is incompatible with the requested specifications will impact sustainable. As an example the case of the mobile phone companies who book the type of resistive plate resistor with value of 10 Milli ohms, in the same physical condition was the same resistive plate with resistive plate with a value of 5 Milli ohms and the mobile phone companies get 5 Milli ohms. If the check passes in a sense is not detected until the production process, the next thing happens is not functioning properly due to mobile phones from the factory resistor supplier’s specifications. If it so the loss will be suffered by the mobile phone compani

Carrying of Unnecessary Articles

It should work in accordance with existing procedures; the goods are moved or transported on existing work instructions at each work location. However, in certain circumstances there may be events outside of normal circumstances, the goods that are not needed must also be taken, whether conscious or no. For that to be seen the flow of these goods in order to capture and expenditure of the warehouse store in accordance with the schedule and procedures are working. The possibility of carrying unnecessary articles caused by some factors: 1. Production is too dense. In these circumstances all the operator needs super-fast movement to offset solid production. In that capacity maximum production machine will be run with full formation, so that the materials must be provided quickly to compensate for engine speed.

Rapid Processing Machine

Generally, the engine speed is very favorable for the production process, as it saves time and cost for labor. The result will be doubled compared with manual processing. Accuracy and uniformity of products can be relied upon. Today, the companies vying to do the automation of production processes with the engine speed is a top priority to meet the expected efficiency. With careful planning automation will become the main weapon to dominate the market. But there are benefits besides manufacturing actors must also be vigilant against possible losses caused by such automation.

Over Personnel - Over Equipment

Over personnel in question is an excess of human resources who carry out production process. Management of production is always the balance of human resources and production machines to run a product. For the efficiency of machines and workers can be achieved then the composition of the two must be balanced. In addition, there is no idle cultivated for both machines and human activity. The advantages of human resources not only caused by problems of recruitment and placement of employees is wrong. However, it can also be caused by fluctuations in product demand , which causes one section to another section had to stop because it has reached the target.

Occurrence of Nonconforming Product

Error incompatibility product of demand in the process of sell orders, it is often the case. But this would be disastrous to the company itself if often occur and cause the same. One of the main causes of the occurrence of nonconforming product is excess stock that is in store as well as in production. As an example of product which has a resistor the same shape and size in different specifications. Visually similar circumstances and conditions are only differentiated by the writings of the label. It requires precision to determine which products will be shipped to the customer.

Improvement of Logistic service

Customer satisfaction becomes the ultimate goal of improvement in the factory. A quality product will become the key to lean manufacturing. Premises customer satisfaction will increase trust and certainly in terms of the economy will add the product to be purchased. Therefore, customers should be managed in such a way through customer management system that is integrated and coordinated with the production. One of the most pressing manufacturing base is a logistics service, lessons that can be learnt from king city forwarding . However the supply of goods in accordance with specifications and requirements and on time a priority in selling things to customers. Therefore, all forms of activity that inhibits the production had to be removed…

Development of effective working conditions

Auxiliary equipment for material handling is absolutely necessary with consideration to usability and effectiveness. In other words the use of tools should aim to simplify your job. But be careful because it could be the use of auxiliary equipment will mitigate on the one side only but not effective for another. For example the use of forklifts, forklift area stores may be freely, but the difficulty into the narrow streets in the areas of production. It also must be careful in, worried if the forklift hit the machine or material on the surrounding streets in its path.

5S is Always Relevant for Everyone

Wanda Abubakar Professional Manufacturing Trainer In laymen terms, 5S is associated with a housekeeping activities. In fact, the house keeping is one of ultimate objectives in the factory environment where supposedly we can work with safety and produce items with high quality and rapid delivery; just like in our house. In our private life, first of all, we have plenty of things. I take clothing for an example. Please observe you cabinet, how many clothing do you have? How many of them are in regular use? How many of them is not in use anymore? It is not wise to buy another set of cabinet just because you could not decide which one is more important than others. Surely, it will be a joke, if you “expand” you cabinet despite the fact that your total room can only cater for such space area. From there, you should be able to understand the importance of Seiri (separation).


First-In First-Out in Seiton very important to load and prepare the correct WIP. The principle of First-In, First Out should be noted that the first goods that can be retrieved and placed first used as well. FIFO rule is preferred over other cargo, namely the Last-In, First-Out (LIFO), where new parts are stacked above the old parts. With LIFO, only new parts are used and which remain under the old and unused. This can potentially cause problems in quality control. When you load the stock with a forklift, the position of each pallet will be determined by the direction of the forklift. Therefore, if the pallets are placed in one direction as in the image palette can not be taken by the FIFO. Trajectory should be made to the carrier as shown in figure 2. Storage shelves should be wide and shallow like a chest of drawers, or has many entrances.

Parking Areas Should not be Overlooked

When customers come to see the manufacturing process, the first seen is the management of parking areas. Good parking area will give the impression of comfort and confidence to customers to better identify products that are produced and subsequently will be customers who buy products in our factory. For that 5S lean manufacturing concepts to be applied on the area which is often visited by travelers. Maybe it is less affected by labor productivity and product quality, but we explore it further, management of parking areas will determine the level of customer confidence. Trust is at the added value of product sales. Signal whеn turning іntо thе parking space. Thіѕ wіll communicate tо оthеr drivers аѕ wеll аѕ pedestrians іn thе isle уоu аrе turning frоm. Nоt signaling wіll deduct points оn a drive test. If you want to get more about the garage rental services, do visit.

what is the difference between lean vs six sigma and how to respond

Comparing Six Sigma and Lean Basically, Six Sigma and Lean systems have the same goals. They both seek to eliminate waste and create the most efficient system, but they take different approaches to how to achieve this goal. In the simplest terms, the main difference between Lean and Six Sigma is that they identify the root cause of waste differently. To summarize the key differences between Lean vs. Six Sigma, lean looks for ways to increase flow while Six Sigma focuses on achieving consistent results. Lean himself, focusing on speed. It emphasizes reducing the amount of time between activities, events, and cycles. The shorter the cycle time, the more cycles you can complete in a certain amount of time. Lean also identifies areas where process waste and congestion can be eliminated. There are 8 types of waste that can be removed from business processes to reduce costs and time Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that combines process speed with quality. To be a truly more efficient and eff

SEITON – Proper arrangement

Next 5S activity is Seiton , which is neatly arrange and identify objects for ease of use. Japanese word “Seiton” literally means preparing all sorts of things in interesting ways. In the context of Lean Manufacturing 5S, meaningful set of goods so that each person can find it quickly. To achieve this step the bookmark label used to assign each item and also its placement. Systematic arrangement will make it easier to reach and require a short time. By creating a label name, category of goods will look neat and eye pleasing. More than that would be more efficient in its use.

5S: Basic activity for improvement

5s for improvement In the factory there are various opportunities that are often forgotten, which has tremendous profit potential. This activity can reduce the Defective Product, operating efficiency, the raw materials that are not excessive and timely delivery. Various opportunities are referred to wastage or the Japanese language called “MUDA”. MUDA will lead to waste in terms of manpower, time spending money, information etc. Activities are often ignored if the company in a state of profitable, so the small things about the behavior of employees in the factory are not closely monitored.

What is 5S?

Why many industry lean manufacturing 5S activity? How important is 5S? 5S is a housekeeping methodology adopted from the Japanese culture in managing the workplace, these activities include organizing, cleaning, developing and sustaining workspace premises in order to create a comfortable working environment and increase productivity, reduce waste and non-value activity. The concept of 5S is the Japanese-language word Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke. This concept was later applied by many manufacturing industries as the mindset of employees and invested to build a work ethic that practical, efficient and highly disciplined.

Learn from 5S Work Culture Of Japan

The Japanese have a very good work ethic. No wonder the economy is in the Sunrise country thrives. How not, in the country the people are not only working for the money using the gambling opyions from , but the work is their pleasure. Japanese society also has a unique culture, which is to uphold the tradition. It can be seen from the attitudes, ways of thinking, working pattern, manner of dress, language, to the diet. 5S is the Japanese work culture is pretty well known people of the world, in order to increase profit, efficiency, service and safety. 5S workplace culture is Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke. 5S workplace culture are now widely applied in organization and business enterprises.

The concept of Kaizen

The concept of kaizen include several things , namely : A. Concept 3 M ( Muda , Mura , and Muri ) This concept was formed to reduce the number of work processes , improve quality , shorten the time and reduce or efficiency .