It should work in accordance with existing procedures; the goods are moved or transported on existing work instructions at each work location. However, in certain circumstances there may be events outside of normal circumstances, the goods that are not needed must also be taken, whether conscious or no. For that to be seen the flow of these goods in order to capture and expenditure of the warehouse store in accordance with the schedule and procedures are working.

The possibility of carrying unnecessary articles caused by some factors:
1. Production is too dense. In these circumstances all the operator needs super-fast movement to offset solid production. In that capacity maximum production machine will be run with full formation, so that the materials must be provided quickly to compensate for engine speed.

Errors that often occur when the supply of goods for production purposes sometimes excess capacity or wrong in taking the goods. Then the error when moving goods from one process to another process, such as
should have brought in four containers but the containers plus 2 more.

2. Error workers
In the manufacturing management system that has not been well, often times people make mistakes in bringing the goods and treat themselves. The first mistake was when taking the old stuff because of the difficulty of identification of goods due to the lack of good preparation in area stores.

The procedure is difficult and inefficient like this which contributed the biggest mistake for the employee. Management errors will cause the sign Tanya and speculation for workers to take decisions that are not appropriate. Finally the goods are brought into the production process is not fully in accordance with that required by the production.