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The red tags are made in accordance with the information needs to be provided. This standard must be agreed by all members of the production, management and everything associated with the production process. Basic information that should be written is the product name, product type, quantity, lot size and the reason is removed. Making Red Tags for marking unused, the model can be varied and modified according to need. But most important are:


Determination of the object to be on the label The object will be labeled must be known by all employees with the training and practice in advance directly at their respective working places. Goods / material that needs to be set and the labels are the stocks which includes materials, WIP, parts, semi-finished products and finished products. Machinery equipment include machinery, pallet, trains, malls, tooling, trolley, cutting tools, furniture, prints etc. Include floor space, aisle, shelf and warehouse.


Unused material will hamper production if allowed to accumulate in the production area. This buildup can lead to further waste, decreased productivity, decreased quality, delivery on time, workers’ mess around with piles of garbage and so forth. Therefore, the management must promptly take measures to anticipate the wastage in the company. Red Tags in the company often used to mark the wastage and show items that do not use during production and then throw it away. Labeling steps known as the Red Tags project

Seiri Visual Control

Gradually lean 5S of manufacturing should be indicated both visually and standard operational activities. Shown with the working procedures Activities to get rid of goods that are not needed should be indicated in writing in the work procedures to ensure employees follow these rules. Working procedures which are intended operation instruction, work operation and so on. Work instructions are installed in place that is easy to read. Can be installed above the work table, suspended above the machine so far does not interfere with engine operation

Seiri-Seiton: Initial Steps in Kaizen

A lean manufacturing is a major project that can not be completed per section, but must be implemented as a whole that involves all employees, ranging from top management to subordinate workers. Besides the improvement activities must be regulated and managed in an orderly system. Improvement activities can take place if it gets support from all parties and a strong awareness to eliminate wastage of hidden, abnormality, and the problems that exist in the factory. These problems must be clarified, found the source of the problem, analyzed the causes role in finding the solution.

SHITSUKE: Making workers accustomed to obey rules

Shitsuke are paramount from the 5S activities because it involves discipline and awareness of lean manufacturing 5S. Therefore, 5S is not only a trainer could give theories about 5S but more than that, can give an example to new employees on the 5S activities. Awareness of hard formed if a rule is simply a statement that must be obeyed without communication and mutual respect between employees and employees, between employees and managers.

SEIKETSU : Continuously maintain 3S

3S here means Seiri, Seito and Seiso. After all three “S” have been implemented in the work area, then what is important is maintaining the conditions that have been awake so he could take place continuously. Not only when there are bosses just good condition, or if there will be an audit 5S workplace conditions clean, well-ordered equipment, but whenever the need may indicate conditions such as at the time of the audit. These maintenance steps can not only direct rebuke to the employee if make a mistake, but it must be made or standardized system that can be implemented by all components of the company. It is a follow-standard lean manufacturing 5S is not easy but if done with really strong support system the company’s goals will be achieved easily.

SEISO - Keep Clean Workplace

A lean manufacturing with the 5S campaign should be able to visually show the working environment, ranging from the entrance to the company, the receptionist space, office space, production space, stores and loading bay. If the visits should be no waste at all, then dust off the desk or machined-engine work. And all this can only be carried out together all the employees who can maintain cleanliness in their respective workplace. And one more thing, do not hang to the commercial cleaning service to do all that, because of the limited trial can not cover all areas of the company. SEISO activity is the cleaning process in which a regional basis in the broom and mop with the mop. Because the floors, windows and walls should be cleaned, Seiso here equivalent to the large-scale cleanup activities conducted each year end in Japan’s household

SEITON – Proper arrangement

Next 5S activity is Seiton , which is neatly arrange and identify objects for ease of use. Japanese word “Seiton” literally means preparing all sorts of things in interesting ways. In the context of Lean Manufacturing 5S, meaningful set of goods so that each person can find it quickly. To achieve this step the bookmark label used to assign each item and also its placement. Systematic arrangement will make it easier to reach and require a short time. By creating a label name, category of goods will look neat and eye pleasing. More than that would be more efficient in its use.

SEIRI - Eliminate All Unnecessary Items

The first activity is to lean manufacturing activity, Seiri which means separating the necessary objects with objects or equipment is not needed, then get rid of unnecessary. This needs to be done to save time selecting equipment / materials to be used for the production process. If mixed with the goods unused, will be confusing and will spend the time to vote at the time of employment. This can reduce labor productivity, because employees are preoccupied with the options that should not occur. In addition to this amount of equipment that are not used in the workplace will disturb the concentration at work, and tend to focus not uncomfortable.

Continuous Effort to Build 5S Culture

5S Lean manufacturing activity could not be created in a short time but is a continuous effort to build that culture. 5S in order to run effectively, workers must get used to doing 5S activities such as putting objects or equipment if working in a place easily accessible to be able to easily uptake. Knowledge of 5S is not enough, but the employees must be practiced repeatedly 5S. This should make a habit of their own spontaneous and not by necessity. Standard work should be made at the factory to ensure that all activities done daily 5S to 5S lean manufacturing best practices. Labor standards are implemented in the form of work that contains operation steps daily work. For example, a machine operator has steps start the engine, turn on electric power, machine setup, troubleshooting and end machining operations.

The Boss Also Had To Clean Up

5S activity is not only directed to the operator and lower-level employees, but the important thing is exemplary of the heads of companies who are willing and with the awareness of clean-up activity in the work environment. Inside the room a boss, in the morning before any activity there is always work cleaning service workers who sweep and wash the table, cabinets, windows from dirt. It was the duty of a cleaning service, but not all parts can be in reach by a cleaning service, for example, important books, personal items placed on the table and others.