The first activity is to lean manufacturing activity, Seiri which means separating the necessary objects with objects or equipment is not needed, then get rid of unnecessary.

This needs to be done to save time selecting equipment / materials to be used for the production process. If mixed with the goods unused, will be confusing and will spend the time to vote at the time of employment. This can reduce labor productivity, because employees are preoccupied with the options that should not occur. In addition to this amount of equipment that are not used in the workplace will disturb the concentration at work, and tend to focus not uncomfortable.

Such conditions also affect the quality of production. Concentration, feelings of discomfort, mixing of the material will degrade the quality, not to mention the raw materials that should not be worn but carried in the production process.

In practice can be done by setting up special places for goods that have been separated before, or could be given a special label to distinguish the equipment or goods that have been classified earlier. The labeling will make others who do the same thing but find in a single table.