A lean manufacturing is a major project that can not be completed per section, but must be implemented as a whole that involves all employees, ranging from top management to subordinate workers. Besides the improvement activities must be regulated and managed in an orderly system.

Improvement activities can take place if it gets support from all parties and a strong awareness to eliminate wastage of hidden, abnormality, and the problems that exist in the factory. These problems must be clarified, found the source of the problem, analyzed the causes role in finding the solution.

Seiton Seiri activities and often become the root causes of the occurrence of abnormality and the problem of waste that should not interfere with production activities. Mixing of unused material that should not be used would be worthy of finished products that do not meet quality standards. The main cause is known, the employees are not separate material is used with inappropriate material will be used. Activities Seiri ignored!
Employees seem a long time and finish his job because of the basic activity of 5S Seiton not done well.

So the two basic activities namely 5S Seiton Seiri and greatly affect efforts to repair the plant. Continuous improvement steps must begin by ensuring that employees engaged in activities Seiton Seiri and it takes place in their respective working properly and sustainable premises. If two steps are already done so to achieve further improvements will be felt easily.