Shitsuke are paramount from the 5S activities because it involves discipline and awareness of lean manufacturing 5S. Therefore, 5S is not only a trainer could give theories about 5S but more than that, can give an example to new employees on the 5S activities.

Awareness of hard formed if a rule is simply a statement that must be obeyed without communication and mutual respect between employees and employees, between employees and managers.

A manager should not simply expect their subordinates to follow the recommendations. They must inspire subordinates and expect thousands of success only to criticize. Managers must listen to the idea of his subordinates and encouraging subordinates to get used to saying “your idea interesting.” Even if the apparent error, managers must teach their subordinates to find faults and give advice or condone wrongdoing. Managers who criticized his subordinates without first giving them the opportunity to know his own mistakes will not be able to subordinates.