5S Lean manufacturing activity could not be created in a short time but is a continuous effort to build that culture. 5S in order to run effectively, workers must get used to doing 5S activities such as putting objects or equipment if working in a place easily accessible to be able to easily uptake.

Knowledge of 5S is not enough, but the employees must be practiced repeatedly 5S. This should make a habit of their own spontaneous and not by necessity.

Standard work should be made at the factory to ensure that all activities done daily 5S to 5S lean manufacturing best practices. Labor standards are implemented in the form of work that contains operation steps daily work. For example, a machine operator has steps start the engine, turn on electric power, machine setup, troubleshooting and end machining operations.

Every step of the operation the first step must begin with the 5S activities such as:
1. Clean the work area from dirt
2. Make sure the equipment and complete work according to its place
3. and so on

Thus 5S always placed at the first point in each company’s activities. Because always read first and are constantly expected to be embedded in the minds of all people about 5S, within a certain period will be the behavior inherent in every employee

5S awareness could awaken if it is done continuously with the hard work of all components of the company and remain lean manufacturing 5S standards