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Six Sigma analysis tools: Pareto Diagrams Identify Priorities

pareto diagram example Pareto diagram was first introduced by economists from Italy called Vilvredo Pareto in 1897 and then used Dr prosperity in the field of quality control. Pareto diagram identical to know the level of priority. At the highest frequency pareto diagrams are sorted to the lowest frequency that will be known factors are the priorities of the object being studied. Pareto used to determine the factors that most influence on an event or process. For example, in the company’s cost burden borne so great that profits are very low. Having conducted the analysis with various objects for example, material financing, employee wages, fuel, engine maintenance, and so got that finance staff are still ranked first in corporate finance thanks to our knowledge about how some of the rich & famous end up dead broke by plunged in debt . Data with pareto model already available that the cost of workers’ salaries are still high, again what to do? Still must be discussed and analyzed wh

Quality is a Way of Life

Awareness of quality must be instilled from employees come to work and is continuously carried out in collective awareness in the corporate environment. Every meeting, every briefing and every meeting is always reminded of the importance of quality. Modern quality systems are characterized by the presence of a philosophy that assumes that quality is a “way of life”. The issues of quality are always discussed in management meetings. All employees are given training (training) on the concepts of quality and its methods. Each person in the company voluntarily participate in quality improvement efforts. Thus, modern quality systems are characterized by the presence of corporate culture that implements the process of quality improvement on an ongoing basis.

Top Management Role in the Process of Quality Improvement

Modern quality systems are characterized by the presence of active participation, led by top management in quality improvement process on an ongoing basis. If the responsibility for quality is delegated to the Department of Quality Assurance Course. Each person in the company will have the perception that the quality is not a key concern. This negatively affects the psychological, where the total and active involvement of the people in the company become less or weaker. Thus, in a modern quality system, each person must be actively involved in the company through a business or support from top management to quality. Many workers want to do a good job, wanted to produce a quality product, to provide a quality service, and want to be proud of what they do, but the “rhythm” to be determined by management as a leader in the company. If the quality is not mentioned in the management agenda, the situation will not motivate workers to provide effort and attention to quality

Building a Modern Quality Systems

Traditionally, the product makers usually conduct an inspection of the finished product after the product is made by way of sorting the good products from bad, and then reworked parts of the product was defective. Thus the traditional sense of the concept of quality is only focused on inspection activities to prevent the escape of defective products into the hands of customers. Inspection activity is viewed from the perspective of modern quality systems are in vain, because it does not contribute to the improvement of quality

Dr. Joseph M. Juran in Quality Trilogy Concept

Dr. Joseph M. Juran one of the teachers in the management of quality, very popular with the trilogy concept of quality, namely: quality planning, quality control and quality improvement. Juran views on other major issues related to quality management are: • The cycle should be shortened product development through participatory planning, concurrent engineering, and training for planners in the methods and tools of quality management. • Relationships with suppliers should be repaired. The number of suppliers should be reduced. Sam should have a working relationship based on mutual trust established. Long the contract should be extended so that the long-term relationship. • Training should be results-oriented and not oriented to the appliance. The main goal of training should change the behavior of employees, not just to train or educate only. For example: training in quality improvement should be preceded by an assignment in an improvement project. Training mission should help the team

Deming Chain Reaction In Cost Reduction Program

Deming's Chain Reaction Dr. William Edward Deming, a professor of quality management from the United States put forward a reaction known as Deming’s Chain Reaction. According to Deming, any improvements made by the industry would make the activity of system processes in the industry getting better and better. Quality improvement activities with the overall industry will experience an increase in productivity due to waste and inefficiency is reduced slowly. Customers will benefit from increased productivity by getting more and more products are qualified at the level of cost per unit is declining constantly. If the customer has acknowledged the high quality, trust will be established and released a difficult partner. In addition it will tell customers at competitive prices and quality products to someone else / another prospect, so the demand for products will increase. This will ultimately expand the market share. If the industry remains consistent in its business, it will increase

Lean Thinking

The advantages of the concept of Lean thinking in its application in the industry is focused on the reduction of waste where the waste itself is one of the inhibitors increased performance than that of lean sigma also aims to minimize the variation of the product which is also an obstacle to improved corporate performance. Tools used to improve the quality of the concept of Lean is the Big Picture Mapping, Regression, Root Cause Analysis and to compare the results of the identification of the cause of the failure by the method of Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Failure Mode method of Multi Attribute Analysis (MAFMA). The purpose of the research quality of the company is to :: A. Identify waste and find out that most often occurs in the production process. 2. Identify and find the cause of waste that affect product quality. 3. Identify and compare the results of the causes of potential failures, the FMEA method and the method MAFMA. 4. Provide recommendations for improvement

The Lean Six Sigma Quality Improvement

Six Sigma is a management strategy in a business which was first developed by Motorola and is widely used in industry, banking, manufacturing and so on. Six Sigma done to improve the quality of a production / output of a process shown to eliminate the causes of defective and error and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes. Six Sigma is used as the basis for quality management through statistical methods to build an organization of black belt, green belt and so on. Lean six sigma project has a target to lower the financial cost and increase product

Self Adjusting to Product Variations with Multipurpose Machine

When considering the fabrication machinery or equipment actually, to conflict between product variety and production. If we do not produce many kinds of products, special equipment for mass production for example is usually a powerful weapon to reduce costs. However, at the Toyota there are various types of cars that are distinguished in various combinations based on type, tires, options, colors and others. For example, three or four thousand types of corona, actually produced. To carry out production lancar with various types of similar products, needed a useful machines or flexible. By adding certain instruments and tools on these machines, Toyota has set a production process to accommodate the general usability.

Quality Improvement Concept: Establishing Specific Improvement Project

This article is still something to do with Juran’s Quality Trilogy, which is about Quality Improvement. Making Improvement can not be carried out directly and make immediate changes that big. As well as improving quality by reducing dust particles attached to the product. Improvement projects that have campaigned is about 5s management, ranging from awareness training 5s, Seiso suppression activities by controlling dust at the area desk each and standardization to ensure continuity. Problems in the company are many and complex, so many improvement projects that must be tilled. But improvement is good improvement more specific and refers to the scale of priorities:

Determined Our Customers as a First Step Quality Planning

This is the first in implementing quality management planning as suggested by Juran is to determine our customers. Market segmentation must be accurate so that all the products we produce. Identify the customer is very important to eliminate the activity, work that should not be necessary. Incorrect identification will result in waste production, and many require additional fees. Quality Planning does not only focus on how to design a product with high quality. But must also consider the effectiveness of production and could reduce waste inproduction. Research design invalid would complicate the production which can lead to waste.

Quality Improvement

Quality improvement is the third step in the Juran trilogy. If all systems in manufacturing is already well under a coordinated and well controlled, then the next step is quality improvement. Quality improvement must necessarily be done by the company, because the market demand is always changing. If not able to follow the market will be increasingly left behind. We cannot rely on the product that we think is perfect last year because it has been through the stages of design and good process control. But the product should be able to compensate for the existing development trends in the community. Quality is not an end. Each time quality standards will change in terms of design and usability. Quality should continue to be developed towards a better and better. Quality products and has built a reputation in the eyes of consumers with a very long time. Time required to make improvement. Although any small improvements made, it must be done because it is a process of becoming perfect qual

Quality Control Management Functions Kown as the Juran Trilogy *

Joseph M. Juran is the father of quality after Deming trilogy with the concept put forward in quality and translate theory into 3 quality control management functions, known as the Juran Trilogy. The third management function in question is the Quality Planning, Quality Control, and Quality Improvement. • Quality planning , a process that identifies the customer and the process that will deliver products and services with the right characteristics and then transfer this knowledge throughout the company’s accomplice in order to satisfy customers. This is done to maintain keloyalan customers by providing all their needs, develop products or services in accordance with the wishes of customers, and developing processes for the production of goods and services more efficiently.