When considering the fabrication machinery or equipment actually, to conflict between product variety and production. If we do not produce many kinds of products, special equipment for mass production for example is usually a powerful weapon to reduce costs. However, at the Toyota there are various types of cars that are distinguished in various combinations based on type, tires, options, colors and others. For example, three or four thousand types of corona, actually produced. To carry out production lancar with various types of similar products, needed a useful machines or flexible. By adding certain instruments and tools on these machines, Toyota has set a production process to accommodate the general usability.

The concept of current production as a response to the variety of products have several advantages. First, it allows the production operation to adjust quickly to fluctuations in daily with the average request to produce various kinds of products every day in small quantities. Second, enabling smooth production in response to variations in customer orders every day without relying on the order to each product.Third, if all processes reach the production line with the cycle time, balancing between various prose there will be improved and stocks of goods in the process will be removed.

Realization of current production requires reduction in the time order of production (range from spending time with Kanban production instructions, and so on, through processing, to warehousing) to quickly and timely to produce various types of products. So pengurangna time orders require shortening the preparation time to minimize the size of lots. The ultimate goal of reducing the lot size is a production of one piece (one piece production) which will be discussed later.