This article is still something to do with Juran’s Quality Trilogy, which is about Quality Improvement. Making Improvement can not be carried out directly and make immediate changes that big. As well as improving quality by reducing dust particles attached to the product. Improvement projects that have campaigned is about 5s management, ranging from awareness training 5s, Seiso suppression activities by controlling dust at the area desk each and standardization to ensure continuity.

Problems in the company are many and complex, so many improvement projects that must be tilled. But improvement is good improvement more specific and refers to the scale of priorities:

Specific improvement

Number of problems does not mean as if all lines, all departments should make improvement. Improvement can not be done as a whole in a short time. The most ideal is to improve the system, the more specific ideas, materials, objects and section improvement. It required the limitations issue to clarify the areas that will be corrected.

If seen in the fishbone diagram, the smallest bones to do a small improvement because if the problem can be solved automatically have a major problem will be easily resolved. Specifications improvement would make the project more detail, and higher quality. The implementation of specific improvement projects to make implementation easier and more focused on a single issue.