Quality improvement is the third step in the Juran trilogy. If all systems in manufacturing is already well under a coordinated and well controlled, then the next step is quality improvement. Quality improvement must necessarily be done by the company, because the market demand is always changing. If not able to follow the market will be increasingly left behind. We cannot rely on the product that we think is perfect last year because it has been through the stages of design and good process control. But the product should be able to compensate for the existing development trends in the community.

Quality is not an end. Each time quality standards will change in terms of design and usability. Quality should continue to be developed towards a better and better. Quality products and has built a reputation in the eyes of consumers with a very long time. Time required to make improvement. Although any small improvements made, it must be done because it is a process of becoming perfect quality product.

How to conduct quality improvement? Some things which need to be done on a company.

1. Provide training to all employees about the quality awareness. Training awareness was a bit difficult when compared to nature of technical training, application engines and the like. Such training requires mature concepts and continuous training and involving all employees in the factory. Where possible training is done every day if given the chance, for example at the time of briefing before starting work

2. Making a quality organization that includes all the strategic components of an enterprise from top management to regular employees. This organization is expected to raise morale-oriented high quality. In addition, organizations are actively controlling the activity of the products produced.

3. Conducting the competition on quality. This competition is expected to build awareness with a high motivation of various components of the company with a background and expertise that is different. Of groups set up a production quality that make improvements in their respective areas. With this competition indirectly will instill responsibility, awareness and motivation to build the best quality.

4. Award every contribution made improvement. Every employee is entitled to an award when they tried to make the improvement that is able to raise the quality of a profitable company. This award was necessary to spur the creativity of employees in making improvements.