Joseph M. Juran is the father of quality after Deming trilogy with the concept put forward in quality and translate theory into 3 quality control management functions, known as the Juran Trilogy. The third management function in question is the Quality Planning, Quality Control, and Quality Improvement.

Quality planning, a process that identifies the customer and the process that will deliver products and services with the right characteristics and then transfer this knowledge throughout the company’s accomplice in order to satisfy customers. This is done to maintain keloyalan customers by providing all their needs, develop products or services in accordance with the wishes of customers, and developing processes for the production of goods and services more efficiently.

Quality control, a process where the product actually examined and evaluated, compared with the desired needs of the customer. The issue that has been known then solved, for example broken machines repaired immediately.

Quality improvement, a process whereby an established mechanism is maintained so that quality can be achieved sustainably. This includes the allocation of resources, assign people to complete quality projects, train the employees involved in quality projects and in general establish a permanent structure to pursue quality and retain what has been achieved previously.

*adopted from several sources