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Visualize the 5S Improvement with Photos

Every time there is improvement, the image must be created and installed near the last photo to show the chronological series of improvements. If the date of the upcoming shooting events have been notified and recorded clearly in the chart (photos posted on the bulletin board.) This will be the goal and will help increase the desire of workers to continue to show improvement till that date. These charts are also used by supervisors for assessment. Photography is a great incentive for workers and allow management to continue improvement activities effectively. Through portraits of activity, workers can see first hand his skills with a sense of pride or shame. Awareness that improvement is necessary is a spontaneous reaction to an embarrassing photograph. Conversely, if the portrait of activities shows that the regulations have been implemented 5S, workers have set a good example and a role model for her coworkers.

Point Photographing will Provide Stimulus for Improvement

Portrait of an act of taking pictures of the same position and direction on 5S conditions before and after repair in accordance with the application of 5S. This image is then disclosed to the workers for comparison. Portraits of this activity will lead to a sense of pride or shame when workers see the comparison. Sometimes there are also workers who embarrassed to show the condition of his workplace, because they do not want exposed to the public. But for an auditor must be responsive to every place that is hidden, must be photographed and immediately took action to immediately improve their workplace conditions. This shooting system is very easy to make a report to superiors about conditions in the manufacturing 5s.

Strong commitment to promotion of 5S

Success of 5S promotion depends on top management decisions. 5S will succeed if driven directly from the directors, managers and other top management ranks. When the campaign begins with the spirit of lean manufacturing there is always a voice that doubts the success of this 5S. They’ll say, “How much productivity would be increased” or “How many 5S would help increase the real income” The way of thinking and attitude of workers towards 5S should be changed first. All member companies must have a sufficient understanding of the meaning and real purpose, so has the perception of equality of 5S and its purpose. All member companies must integrate their understanding through seminars, training throughout the company and the workplace. Installation of several banners with slogans can be useful too. For example: “a clean workplace created by the power of all people” or “No waste of workplace clean” and others.

Briefing Every Morning Before Work

Training and training, briefing and briefing. Achieving lean manufacturing through the 5S management will be accomplished if reminded of every time. To remind the concept, management and implementation of 5S done with training. Training is not only meeting in the classroom, but every time there is a job that requires training is always inserted 5s management and implementation. In addition, each morning meeting, each group containing the job briefing must start with the implementation of 5S. Do they fulfill the conditions of the workplace 5S standards that exist or not. Are all the members already understand the procedures of implementing the 5S workplace respectively. Everything should be responsible for maintaining controlled conditions.

Visualization Seiton

Seiton Visualization is an important part in the 5S lean manufacturing efforts. Visualization intention here to make a bookmark label goods stored in the workplace. Labeling step is to show clearly where the position, what is the name of the goods and how many material goods so that the description could easily be known. Seiton visually allows to easily identify and retrieve the goods, tools and materials, and easily restore it to a location near the place of use. Bookmark label used to facilitate the placement and retrieval of materials is required.

Reduce wastage with the appropriate classification

Lean manufacturing aims to reduce wastage to a minimum and if possible eliminated altogether. 5S Lean manufacturing also trying to make a sustainable improvement although it was very small changes must still be done. Likewise with the goods classified activities. This classification is the basis of 5S activities that have a large impact on productivity and quality. Productivity is the reduced time required for the process of finding items that will be used for work. Later time remaining can be used for production activities. Clearly ascertained in terms of quality there is no material mixed with each other. The mix of materials will make the final product did not meet quality standards that have been determined. This often occurs in materials that are small.

Start lean manufacturing with 3F campaign

In the 5S activity also known as a basic activity Seiton 3F. Item 3F itself is Fixed, Fixed Position, Fixed quantity. After Seiri / sorting process and the elimination of items with a given red tags, the next step is to ensure state of the goods / material in a fixed state at a designated place. Not only in accordance with the place, at exactly the position should be straight lines have been determined and the quantity shall be in accordance with the allowable amount. Fixed items are intended to ensure that goods placed in accordance with the place that has been labeled. For example where the vacuum cleaner must be occupied by a vacuum cleaner alone, may not be filled trolley, container and other objects which are not vacuum cleaners.

Continuous Effort to Build 5S Culture

5S Lean manufacturing activity could not be created in a short time but is a continuous effort to build that culture. 5S in order to run effectively, workers must get used to doing 5S activities such as putting objects or equipment if working in a place easily accessible to be able to easily uptake. Knowledge of 5S is not enough, but the employees must be practiced repeatedly 5S. This should make a habit of their own spontaneous and not by necessity. Standard work should be made at the factory to ensure that all activities done daily 5S to 5S lean manufacturing best practices. Labor standards are implemented in the form of work that contains operation steps daily work. For example, a machine operator has steps start the engine, turn on electric power, machine setup, troubleshooting and end machining operations.

The Boss Also Had To Clean Up

5S activity is not only directed to the operator and lower-level employees, but the important thing is exemplary of the heads of companies who are willing and with the awareness of clean-up activity in the work environment. Inside the room a boss, in the morning before any activity there is always work cleaning service workers who sweep and wash the table, cabinets, windows from dirt. It was the duty of a cleaning service, but not all parts can be in reach by a cleaning service, for example, important books, personal items placed on the table and others.

5S Campaign to Build Mindset

5S campaign in the industry really is not just a regulation issued by the company to comply by its employees. But more than that is a moral movement devoted to education, habituation of employees, discipline and build the mindset of all the component companies. This mindset in the wake of all good company level managers to its lowest level in the company. Development mindset in lean manufacturing 5S is not only done at the time the company suffered a setback in the field of profit but also is done continuously and sustainably in any condition. Establishing this awareness begins by giving understanding to employees through training in the classroom, and continued training on sustainable workplaces.

Before-after 5s activity

5s activities are not activities that require large funds, and great actions. But quite simple change that makes it better than ever expected to make continuous improvement. Examples The following pictures are the before-after 5s activity is in the photo as countermeasures against improvement. From Before after 5s activity