Lean manufacturing aims to reduce wastage to a minimum and if possible eliminated altogether. 5S Lean manufacturing also trying to make a sustainable improvement although it was very small changes must still be done.

Likewise with the goods classified activities. This classification is the basis of 5S activities that have a large impact on productivity and quality.

Productivity is the reduced time required for the process of finding items that will be used for work. Later time remaining can be used for production activities. Clearly ascertained in terms of quality there is no material mixed with each other. The mix of materials will make the final product did not meet quality standards that have been determined. This often occurs in materials that are small.

Segregation of goods on the activities of lean manufacturing is needed to allow a user or employee to take or put the goods / materials. Similarly, treatment description of goods that will be discarded. Senuanya be classified for easy retrieval next action. Moreover terjadap treatment of dangerous goods and are vulnerable to safety. For example goods that flammable, chemicals and others.

Examples of the classification of goods at the factory:
1. Facility is in the form of goods such as computer manufacturing facilities, angina fan, lights, computers and other
2. Mal and tools
3. Measurement equipment
4. Material
5. Spare parts
6. Of half-finished products
7. Finished products
8. Sub material
9. Office equipment
10. Document
11. etc.

If possible more specific, more specifically classified. For example documents or paper documents to be discarded, if it still can be recycled should be separated again, discarded paper and paper can still be recycled.