Strong commitment to promotion of 5S

Success of 5S promotion depends on top management decisions. 5S will succeed if driven directly from the directors, managers and other top management ranks. When the campaign begins with the spirit of lean manufacturing there is always a voice that doubts the success of this 5S. They’ll say, “How much productivity would be increased” or “How many 5S would help increase the real income”

The way of thinking and attitude of workers towards 5S should be changed first. All member companies must have a sufficient understanding of the meaning and real purpose, so has the perception of equality of 5S and its purpose. All member companies must integrate their understanding through seminars, training throughout the company and the workplace. Installation of several banners with slogans can be useful too. For example: “a clean workplace created by the power of all people” or “No waste of workplace clean” and others.

The organizational structure should be effectively used to promote 5S activities, because sometimes on the part of management assumes that 5s activity applies only to those who deal directly with the production process. Therefore, for long-term goals need to organize involving of directors, managers and all members of the company. This is done to maintain the commitment to the implementation of 5S to all components of the company, without exception.

Success or failure of 5S is not just relying on the system and good management but also rely on initiatives from top management, whether they have an enthusiasm for this 5S program or not?

Determination of the project should be headed directly by top management and the leader of each production that must be practiced in each production line to show good example to his subordinates. If the management and production leaders show a strong commitment on the 5S simultaneously subordinates will follow for the success of 5S.



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