In the 5S activity also known as a basic activity Seiton 3F. Item 3F itself is Fixed, Fixed Position, Fixed quantity. After Seiri / sorting process and the elimination of items with a given red tags, the next step is to ensure state of the goods / material in a fixed state at a designated place. Not only in accordance with the place, at exactly the position should be straight lines have been determined and the quantity shall be in accordance with the allowable amount.

Fixed items are intended to ensure that goods placed in accordance with the place that has been labeled. For example where the vacuum cleaner must be occupied by a vacuum cleaner alone, may not be filled trolley, container and other objects which are not vacuum cleaners.

Fixed Position is intended to ensure that the position should be in accordance with the existing site. For example the position of a container to be precise, not in a condition beyond the lines which have been made and should not be unfaithful.

See the picture:

Fixed Quantity to ensure that the number, size and height of an item does not exceed the capacity that has been determined. For example a pile of container material should not exceed the predetermined limit, the dam should not exceed the maximum height of stacked goods.

In lean manufacturing systems that refer to this activity should always be in the position of Campaign to awake interesting things seen and not cause interference to other manufacturing activities