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Car manufacturing plant in Japan to deploy an industrial robot that is massive , with reasons such as : enhanced security , improved product quality and increased productivity at lower costs . At present , wages continue to rise and the cost of the most simple robot. In addition , the robot can be adapted to the increasing diversity of products than human labor because the robot requires fewer changes in the layout of the process when the design changes. As our technologies advance every year and decade, more students have been drawn to pursuing robotics as a career. If you have interest or have skills and wants to improve it further, check out Torcs’ robotics jobs site Robot and the Toyota Production System The impact of robotics at work relationship does not mean escape from the Toyota production system , but a logical development of that system . The main purpose of robotics , namely cost reduction , quality assurance , flexible production , and respect for humanity . Contributio


Quality control is a small group of workers who learn the concepts and techniques of quality control constantly and spontaneously to provide problem-solving in the workplace. In the Toyota plant, the main purpose of quality control activities is to promote a sense of responsibility of each worker / employee. Structure of quality control Quality control in the factory Toyota has a direct relationship with official organizations in the workplace, therefore all employees must participate in a number of quality control quality control there squad leader and subordinates. Supervisor or foreman section chief and each acts as an advisor. Each plant or division has a committee to promote its own quality control. In the Toyota plant, quality control activities supported by the person most responsible for each factory. There are numerous other benefits to a water softener that might appeal to a home or business. Namely, whole house water softeners can improve the longevity of your water-based ki


As defined in the regulations at Toyota’s plant, the Quality Assurance should be a quality product that it promotes satisfaction, reliability, and economy for consumers. These regulations outline describes the activities of each department of quality assurance at all stages from product planning to sales and service. Furthermore, the regulations say when and what should be guaranteed by whom and where.That rule is defined as when the eight steps that can be used in a series of business activities from planning to sales. Such steps, among others: 1. Planning products. 2. The design of the product. 3. Preparation of fabrication. 4. Purchase. 5. The designation for sale. 6. Examination. 7. Sales and service. 8. The quality audit. Terms whom and where a special dapartemen managers and department name. What, consisting of the goods are secured and operations for assurance and operations to guarantee it.

Promotion 5s System

Promotion 5s depend on top management decisions . When implementing continuous improvement processes such as 5s surely there will be members of management had any doubt about the success or failure of the process. They will say , ” How much productivity will be increased ? ” Or ” How many 5s will help increase the profitability for real?”. Before carrying out processes such as 5s , workers’ way of thinking and his attitude to work must be changed first . All member companies must have sufficient understanding of the true meaning and purpose , and they should integrate its understanding through seminars throughout the enterprise or workplace . Installation of several banners with slogans may be useful as well . For example : ” clean workplace created by the power of all the people ” , or ” there is no waste in the workplace clean ” , and others . Because 5s activities require long-term effort , the whole company needs to understand its purpose . Some members of management may assume tha


Steps to request materials at suppliers : 1. When looking at the empty box material out, then must press the button beside the line . 2. Turn on the lights just below the metal plate that shows the raw material. 3. At the same time , the red light will be lit warehouse bessar material . 4. Overseeing andon – material caller to see the metal plates that are on. 5. Bearer brought the box to the line and release Kanban supplier prior to the production line . 6. Kanban supplier was brought to the post to be checked and classified 7. Kanban supplier then sent to the supplier . Empty boxes already loaded on trucks . Metal plates for each type of material , is essentially a kind of decision- Kanban and Toyota did not mention these metals Kanban . Each box contains lines in addition to material suppliers Kanabn raw . Put the metal plate when the light is added to the file in order of sliding metal lamp. Then the carrier material will take the metal plate from the bottom berkaas and bring it

Rule Kanban

Kanban setting in need to achieve the target JIT Kanban , The following rules need to be done : Rule 1. Taking the necessary product of the process earlier in the necessary quantities when needed. Implementation of this rule, the company’s top management must be able to convince all workers and membuata critical decision to change the way the flow of production, transport, and delivery available. The following sub-rules will also accompany the regulation: • Every decision without Kanban should be banned. • Every decision that is greater than the number of Kanban should be banned. • Kanban must always be affixed on the physical product. Making the Kanban method, the method used for the transport of a variety of spare parts at a certain time with the travel system-around cargo–mix. Rule 2. Process strove to produce products in accordance with the amount taken by the next process. Implementation of these regulations to two balancing the timing of production among all processes. Therefore,


When the standard operation has been set by the supervisor, the supervisor should really be able to do surgery and then ordered his workers to carry out. Supervisor surgery should only be taught, but also explains the reason why the standards have to be maintained, which is standard operating objectives, it provides a stimulus for workers to be responsible for the quality of the product.. In order to ensure that workers or employees did understand these standards, made of two sheets of the key entry operation and operating instructions note the note distributed to the employees. Note the key operation , explained about the important things in all the operations in the standard operating routine, while the operating instructions note , describing the details of each operation on each line and also a method for checking the quality of the product. Both sheet records also contain data that is provided by the standard operation sheets. The sheets of the note are also installed at each proc


In Japanese , has a double meaning jidoka automation and autonomasi: 1) Automation is changing the manual process into a process engine . With this automation , the machine operates by itself when the switch has been pressed but do not have a feedback mechanism to detect errors and there is no means to stop the process in case of a malfunction. The automation of this type can cause a large number of defective parts if any damage to the engine , is deemed unsatisfactory. Go through for more about the HS automation. 2) Autonomasi or autonomation is disabled automatically control ( meaning taken from Toyota ) . To distinguish the two meanings it , Toyota jidoka often call this second type as jidoka ” Ninben -No- aru ” or literal translation , automation with human reason. Although autonomation often involve some type of automation , this will not limit the engine process . Autonomation can also be used in the operation manual. This is different from det