Steps to request materials at suppliers :

1. When looking at the empty box material out, then must press the button beside the line .
2. Turn on the lights just below the metal plate that shows the raw material.
3. At the same time , the red light will be lit warehouse bessar material .
4. Overseeing andon – material caller to see the metal plates that are on.
5. Bearer brought the box to the line and release Kanban supplier prior to the production line .
6. Kanban supplier was brought to the post to be checked and classified
7. Kanban supplier then sent to the supplier . Empty boxes already loaded on trucks .

Metal plates for each type of material , is essentially a kind of decision- Kanban and Toyota did not mention these metals Kanban . Each box contains lines in addition to material suppliers Kanabn raw .
Put the metal plate when the light is added to the file in order of sliding metal lamp. Then the carrier material will take the metal plate from the bottom berkaas and bring it into line .
The post office Kanban supplier located next to or within the material warehouse . But lately , the company has started sorting Kanban supplier with the computer .