Car manufacturing plant in Japan to deploy an industrial robot that is massive , with reasons such as : enhanced security , improved product quality and increased productivity at lower costs .
At present , wages continue to rise and the cost of the most simple robot. In addition , the robot can be adapted to the increasing diversity of products than human labor because the robot requires fewer changes in the layout of the process when the design changes. As our technologies advance every year and decade, more students have been drawn to pursuing robotics as a career. If you have interest or have skills and wants to improve it further, check out Torcs’ robotics jobs site

Robot and the Toyota Production System

The impact of robotics at work relationship does not mean escape from the Toyota production system , but a logical development of that system . The main purpose of robotics , namely cost reduction , quality assurance , flexible production , and respect for humanity . Contributions to the respect for humanity is not only a form of liberation of the workers from danger and heavy, but extends to the various ways the use of machines and technology in the production system . Like, replacing people with machines only when it would free the workers from repetitive tasks and use the time available for action that is more meaningful .