Kanban setting in need to achieve the target JIT Kanban , The following rules need to be done :

Rule 1. Taking the necessary product of the process earlier in the necessary quantities when needed.
Implementation of this rule, the company’s top management must be able to convince all workers and membuata critical decision to change the way the flow of production, transport, and delivery available.
The following sub-rules will also accompany the regulation:
• Every decision without Kanban should be banned.
• Every decision that is greater than the number of Kanban should be banned.
• Kanban must always be affixed on the physical product.
Making the Kanban method, the method used for the transport of a variety of spare parts at a certain time with the travel system-around cargo–mix.
Rule 2. Process strove to produce products in accordance with the amount taken by the next process.
Implementation of these regulations to two balancing the timing of production among all processes. Therefore, the Toyota production system is a structure that reaches the conveyor system is ideal and kanban is a means to connect all the processes.
Here are sub rule on both regulations :
• Production is greater than the number of sheets Kanban must be prevented.
• If various types of spare parts will be produced in the previous process, the production should follow the original order delivery of any type of Kanban.
To achieve a smooth production, prosesberikutnya will need a single unit or small lot size and the previous process must often make preparations in accordance with the frequent requests by the next process.
Rule 3. Defective products should not be disertahkan the next process .
Kanban system will be damaged if the third rule is not implemented. The system is based on the idea Autonomasi which aims to prevent a recurrence of such defects.
Things that are not efficient will lead to the production of defective goods, because it was defective work herus removed to ensure smooth operation in the previous process. Standardization of work is one of the Kanban system requirements.
Rule 4. Kanban amount should be as little as possible .
Because the number of Kanban declare a maximum dosage of spare parts, this number should be kept as small as possible. The total number of each Kanban fairly constant. Therefore, if the average daily demand has increased, the time the order should be reduced. This requires a reduction in the cycle time of a standard operating routine by changing the allocation of labor.
Suppose a reduced demand, raw waktusiklus of routine operations will increase. However, the possibility of idle time workers should be avoided by reducing the number of workers on the line.
Rule 5. Kanban should be used to adapt to minor fluctuations in demand (adjustment of production with Kanban).
Adjustment of production with Kanban shows the characteristics of the most prominent in the Kanban system : the ability of adaptation to changes in demand or sudden production needs. Where the use and production Kanban flattened, reactions to market changes becomes easy to produce units slightly more than the amount specified in the schedule .
Adjustment of production with Kanban can only adapt to minor fluctuations in demand are changing the frequency of Kanban without changing the overall number of Kanban. In addition Kanban can also be used for parts whose use is not stable, although necessary security preparations are somewhat larger.
Although the transfer Kanban carried out at regular intervals, the number of Kanban for each type of load balancer would rather fluctuate depending on changes in demand. However, if we memeperkecil fluctuations Kanban, we must improve the fabrication process.