When the standard operation has been set by the supervisor, the supervisor should really be able to do surgery and then ordered his workers to carry out. Supervisor surgery should only be taught, but also explains the reason why the standards have to be maintained, which is standard operating objectives, it provides a stimulus for workers to be responsible for the quality of the product..
In order to ensure that workers or employees did understand these standards, made of two sheets of the key entry operation and operating instructions note the note distributed to the employees. Note the key operation, explained about the important things in all the operations in the standard operating routine, while the operating instructions note, describing the details of each operation on each line and also a method for checking the quality of the product. Both sheet records also contain data that is provided by the standard operation sheets. The sheets of the note are also installed at each process.
Supervisors should also keep an eye on their own whether the standard has followed in his department. If the standards are not maintained, the supervisor must be immediately ordered that the workers / employees carry proper procedures. If the standard itself is wrong, those standards should be revised or corrected.

Number of real output and output according to the schedule at the completion of each cycle time in each process is shown through an electric board. Foremen / supervisors should check the results of the implementation of the standard operation. If there was something abnormal in the process, peyelia should investigate why and act to fix it immediately.

Raw operations need to be revised on a regular basis, because the standard is always imperfect and in a process always necessary repairs or recovery operation. The most basic idea behind the Toyota system is summarized in the following statement:
The progress of a company can only be achieved with a constant effort to improve its activity by all members of the company.