In Japanese , has a double meaning jidoka automation and autonomasi:
1) Automation is changing the manual process into a process engine . With this automation , the machine operates by itself when the switch has been pressed but do not have a feedback mechanism to detect errors and there is no means to stop the process in case of a malfunction. The automation of this type can cause a large number of defective parts if any damage to the engine , is deemed unsatisfactory. Go through for more about the HS automation.

2) Autonomasi or autonomation is disabled automatically control ( meaning taken from Toyota ) . To distinguish the two meanings it , Toyota jidoka often call this second type as jidoka ” Ninben -No- aru ” or literal translation , automation with human reason.

Although autonomation often involve some type of automation , this will not limit the engine process . Autonomation can also be used in the operation manual. This is different from detroit technique called ” Automation feedback ” . However , both of which are techniques to detect and correct defects production and always include a mechanism to detect abnormalities or defects , as well as a mechanism to stop the line or machine in the event of abnormalities or defects .
In short , autonomasi in the factory Toyota always involve quality control because it does not allow the defective part through the line without being noticed. If there is a defect , line it will stop , forcing attention on the problem immediately , the investigation on the cause , and corrective measures to prevent similar defects that did not happen again . Autonomation also has components and other influences which are equally important : cost reduction , which can be customized production , and promote respect for humanity .

• Cost reduction through reduced labor
Because of the worker’s ability to handle more than one machine at a time , allowing a reduction in labor and production costs.
• Ability to adapt to changes in demand
Because all the engine stops automatically when the machines have produced a number of spare parts needed and only producing parts good , autonomasi eliminate excess stocks and therefore allows poduksi JIT ( Just- In-Time ) ready to adapt to changes in demand .
• Respect for humanity
Because the court based quality autonomasi require immediate attention to defects or problems in the production process , this will stimulate the activity of improvement and increased the respect for humanity.