Promotion 5s depend on top management decisions . When implementing continuous improvement processes such as 5s surely there will be members of management had any doubt about the success or failure of the process. They will say , ” How much productivity will be increased ? ” Or ” How many 5s will help increase the profitability for real?”.
Before carrying out processes such as 5s , workers’ way of thinking and his attitude to work must be changed first . All member companies must have sufficient understanding of the true meaning and purpose , and they should integrate its understanding through seminars throughout the enterprise or workplace . Installation of several banners with slogans may be useful as well . For example : ” clean workplace created by the power of all the people ” , or ” there is no waste in the workplace clean ” , and others .
Because 5s activities require long-term effort , the whole company needs to understand its purpose . Some members of management may assume that they do not relate to seiri and Seiton , and others , and regard it as a workplace issue lower levels. This is why the existing organizational structure within the company should be used to promote 5s across the plant .
5s success or failure will depend on top management and whether they will carry out the initiative or not . Determination 5s project must be headed by top management , and the head of each place kerjalah which should first practice to show a good example . If management and workplace leaders demonstrate a strong commitment to 5s , as well as his subordinates and 5s will be successful .

Images Of Activities

In closing , will be introduced portraits of activities (point photographing ) , a method that can be a powerful motivational tool for 5s .
Images of activities is the act of taking a picture from the same position in the workplace in the same direction with the same camera before and after the implementation of 5s . This image is then shown on the workers to be compared . Images of activities succeed because of pride or shame arises when workers see the comparison . Special efforts should be made to photograph areas that mainly wants to hide by workers , for example, a facility with oil droplets , scattered dust of cutting , equipment falling apart , and places other unsafe .
Every time there is an improvement , the image must be created and installed near the last photo to show the chronological sequence of repair. If the shooting date upcoming activities have been notified and recorded clearly in the chart , this would be of interest and will help increase the desire of workers to continue to show improvement until that date . These charts are also used by the supervisor for assessment.
Photography is an incredible stimulation for workers and allow management to continue improvement activities effectively. Through portraits of activities , workers can see immediately his prowess with a sense of pride or shame . The realization that it is necessary to repair a knee-jerk reaction to the embarrassing photos . Conversely , if a portrait of activity indicates that 5s regulations have been implemented , the workers have set a good example and be a role model for his colleagues .