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Reduction of Cost

Based on the ultimate goal of lean manufacturing, proper materials handling should also be able to reduce the costs caused by waste activities, layout and procedures. Cost reductions will be achieved with significantly if the activities that have been described in previous articles can be performed well. Many companies are ignored by most owners because of the improvement is small and has no effect whatever on the financial condition. But lean manufacturing efforts are not reducing the huge costs, but small changes like that that gets attention. If a change is obtained by only 1 cent, because it is done continuously it will be hundreds of dollars.

Improvement of Logistic service

Customer satisfaction becomes the ultimate goal of improvement in the factory. A quality product will become the key to lean manufacturing. Premises customer satisfaction will increase trust and certainly in terms of the economy will add the product to be purchased. Therefore, customers should be managed in such a way through customer management system that is integrated and coordinated with the production. One of the most pressing manufacturing base is a logistics service, lessons that can be learnt from king city forwarding . However the supply of goods in accordance with specifications and requirements and on time a priority in selling things to customers. Therefore, all forms of activity that inhibits the production had to be removed…

Development of effective working conditions

Auxiliary equipment for material handling is absolutely necessary with consideration to usability and effectiveness. In other words the use of tools should aim to simplify your job. But be careful because it could be the use of auxiliary equipment will mitigate on the one side only but not effective for another. For example the use of forklifts, forklift area stores may be freely, but the difficulty into the narrow streets in the areas of production. It also must be careful in, worried if the forklift hit the machine or material on the surrounding streets in its path.

Challenges and barriers to total quality management

1. Weak leadership and delegation of management authority Integrated Quality Manajeme will go according to the target being cooled if the leader is committed to the involvement of all parties. This means that Integrated Quality Management will not succeed when only submitted to a certain team appointed by the leadership, while direct leaders submit the Integrated Quality Manajeme program to the designated team. Thus the leader can socialize the quality improvement done by the leadership. 2. Inadequate regulatory process Integrated Quality Management Program should inspire all activities. For schools, then all academic activities (teaching and learning process) should get attention in improving its quality with kindergarten worksheets . According to The Children’s ISA , high schools should start educating children more about life and money and what they really want to pursue in life. Kids who are focused and are the best in English, teachers should start educating them types of sentence

Reduction of the number of times product is handled

Effective movement of materials that will greatly assist in reducing waste in a company. Therefore, the movement of materials from the lowering of the container, identification, storage and shipping to store production lines must be based on principles of lean manufacturing that every movement must be able to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness. The movement of material from one point to another point must be considered carefully. Although only one inch, if indeed it can be made improvement to be done. Because the repetition factor of production processes continuously. Distance of one inch would be a very long distance if it is done thousands of times.

Why TQM is important?

With quality management you will get optimization in the work. The more optimal the work the better the result.Because with “Quality management” we can ensure superior quality products and services. The quality of a product can be measured in terms of performance, reliability and durability. Quality is an important parameter that differentiates an organization from its competitors. Quality management tools ensure changes in systems and processes that ultimately produce superior quality products and services. Quality management methods such as Total Quality Management or Six Sigma have a common goal – to produce high quality products. Quality management is essential to creating a superior quality product that not only meets but also exceeds customer satisfaction. Customers must be satisfied with your brand. Business marketers only succeed when they emphasize quality rather than quantity. Quality products ensure you survive the competition. Before you know the importance of TQM. It’s goo

The concept of total quality management you should know

Total Quality Management is an application of quantitative methods and human resources to improve in the provision of raw materials and services for the organization, all processes within the organization at a certain level where customer needs are met now and in the future. TQM is more an attitude and behavior based on the satisfaction of its work and the work of its team or group. TQM requires the commitment of management as an organizational leader in which this commitment must be disseminated to all employees and at all levels or departments within the organization. TQM is not a program or system, but a culture that must be built, maintained and enhanced by all members of the organization or company when the organization or company is oriented to quality and make quality as a way of life. Controls, systems, and techniques are indispensable in the application of TQM, but they are not necessarily a necessity. The most important thing in TQM implementation is the thorough involvement