Why TQM is important?

With quality management you will get optimization in the work. The more optimal the work the better the result.Because with “Quality management” we can ensure superior quality products and services. The quality of a product can be measured in terms of performance, reliability and durability. Quality is an important parameter that differentiates an organization from its competitors. Quality management tools ensure changes in systems and processes that ultimately produce superior quality products and services. Quality management methods such as Total Quality Management or Six Sigma have a common goal – to produce high quality products. Quality management is essential to creating a superior quality product that not only meets but also exceeds customer satisfaction. Customers must be satisfied with your brand. Business marketers only succeed when they emphasize quality rather than quantity. Quality products ensure you survive the competition.
Before you know the importance of TQM. It’s good if you know the purpose of TQM

The purpose of TQM
TQM’s main objective is to compete and excel in global competition by optimizing the capabilities and resources of the company on an ongoing basis, thereby improving the quality of goods and services. In general TQM is a management system with the aim to improve employee productivity, or in other words TQM is intended to be able to produce goods and or services of high quality with methods that integrate managerial and operational skills effectively and efficiently, so that can lead to satisfaction for all parties ie labor, companies, and customers. TQM can also be integrated a time tracker software, essentially making the software a complete solution for business owners.

Why Total Quality Manegment is important?
Because customer satisfaction will depend on something you manage in such a way. Quality management is essential to customer satisfaction that ultimately leads to customer loyalty. How do you think business is running? Does the business thrive on new customers? It is important for every business to have some loyal customers. You need to have some customers who will return to your organization no matter what.

Will you buy another phone if the previous handset is broken? The obvious answer is no.

Customers will return to your organization only if they are satisfied with your products and services. The more satisfied they eat the more often they come. So make sure your product users are happy with your product.
Hope it is everything. I also think if there is no hope then there is no desire. Every desire must have a sense of belonging. If it is owned then the satisfaction will be obtained. Remember, customers will be happy and satisfied only when your products meet their expectations and meet their needs. Understand what customers expect from you? Find out what he really needs? Gather relevant data that will give you more insight into customer needs and requests. Customer feedback should be collected regularly and monitored carefully. Quality management ensures high quality products and services by eliminating defects and combining ongoing changes and improvements in the system. High quality products in turn leads to loyal and satisfied customers who bring ten new customers with them. Do not forget that you can save money by ignoring the quality management process but ultimately losing your key customers, causing huge losses. Quality management ensures that you deliver products according to the promises made to customers through various promotional modes. Quality management tools help organizations to design and create products that customers really want and want.

Quality Management ensures higher revenue and productivity for the organization. Remember, if an organization generates, employees also earn income. Employees are frustrated only when their salary or payments are not released on time. Yes, money is a powerful motivating factor. Do you feel like working if your organization does not give you a salary on time? Ask yourself. Salaries are released on time only when there is free cash flow. Putting into action Quality management tools ensures high customer loyalty, leading to better business, improved cashflow, satisfied employees, healthy places of work and so on. Top quality management processes make the organization an improved location to work.

Remove unnecessary processes that just waste employee time and do not contribute much to organizational productivity. Quality management allows employees to deliver more jobs in less time.

Quality management helps organizations to manage reduce waste and inventory. It enables employees to work closely with suppliers and incorporates “Just in Time” Philosophy. Benefits of TQM Benefits: a. TQM keeps the company focused on the marketplace. TQM inspires workers to deliver the best quality in every activity.c. TQM channels the essential procedures for obtaining superior results. TQM helps to continuously test all processes to remove unnecessary and unproductive things. TQM supports the company to truly understand the existing competition and to build an effective war strategy.f. TQM helps to build good procedures for communication and rewards good work. TQM helps to review what processes are needed to build a continuous developmental strategy. A job will not stand without a process. Every process will not exist without effort. Every business must start from something. For that set all of it as one unity that will produce the best quality. Smart people are those who can manage everything well. If you are not a lucky person since birth, try to be a smart person since now.



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