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Additional Installation of Carrying Facilities

One way to reduce waste is by additional installation of carrying facilities. Carrying waste is a complex problem because the waste could be due to the planning of factory layouts that do not refer to the concept of lean manufacturing. Adding installations for the transport facilities are also not a simple problem, because the addition of new facilities mean changing the existing layout. With the elements of manufacturing that is a waste should be avoided. The addition of this facility not only increase the speed and transmission capacity, but must consider other factors. Does the addition of this facility does not interfere with views of the factory, whether the addition of this facility in accordance with a layout that refers to the concept of 5S, and whether the addition of this facility does not affect the performance of another section. Everything must be planned carefully and thoroughly.

Production Reduction by Carrying wastage

Any waste would obviously make the productivity will decrease. But this time I will discuss about the decline in productivity caused by carrying waste. As explained earlier that wastage is carrying all the transportation activities which include activities of loading and unloading, transporting goods, unload, move goods from one place to another. Activities related to transport activities is much cause problems and waste that should be eliminated or minimized in stages. Decrease in productivity is among others caused by: 1. Disrupted delivery schedules Schedule timely delivery of materials is the key of the machine or production efficiency can be achieved. In the event of disruption to the delivery of the material production then automatically schedules production will also be disrupted. Production is delayed or interrupted because production had to stop because of certain conditions. Productivity of production machines will not work optimally.

Reloading of Articles Led to Waste Time

Too many points of suspension or temporary storage at the plant will also cause problems. Obvious problems that will occur will lead to waste time, especially for work loading and unloading of materials from the conveyance or removal of the means of conveyance. Activities will be spent loading and unloading articles operator. It also will cause a lot of waste time. This possibility will always occur repeatedly in the event queue before being processed articles. In standard conditions should be placed near the production machines, but because of the place is full then placed around the place occupied by the material should not have to wait for production.

Long Distance Transportation for Articles Movement

Obviously, the path length in the process of moving goods manufacturing system is very disturbing, therefore, the company tried to minimize the transport distance from one place to another place. Distance delivery is highly dependent on such things as follows: Factory Layout Plant layout should be made with ripe at the time of the original factory design. One of them is based on the efficiency of the transport of material from the loading bay to the store, from store to production areas, from process to process, from production process to finished good stores and so forth. Plant layout should be designed in accordance with the transportation needs, facilitate movement of workers, facilitate the installation of electricity, compressed air installations, and plant efficiency

Manufacturing Waste in Storage Transfer

In certain cases, where in one plant has multiple products, and certainly at the plant have more than one warehouse. If the product is made has some similarities or sometimes almost the same raw material used also has the same characteristics. So frequent exchange of materials between warehouses with one warehouse to another. If one runs out it will be filled by the existing stock in warehouse to another. Transfers between warehouses is the one who will become a serious problem. Stock transfer as in in the principle of lean manufacturing must be minimized if possible eliminated because it would add to the burden of the company. Expenses for the time used for the transport process both labor and fuel used for transportation.

Carrying of Unnecessary Articles

It should work in accordance with existing procedures; the goods are moved or transported on existing work instructions at each work location. However, in certain circumstances there may be events outside of normal circumstances, the goods that are not needed must also be taken, whether conscious or no. For that to be seen the flow of these goods in order to capture and expenditure of the warehouse store in accordance with the schedule and procedures are working. The possibility of carrying unnecessary articles caused by some factors: 1. Production is too dense. In these circumstances all the operator needs super-fast movement to offset solid production. In that capacity maximum production machine will be run with full formation, so that the materials must be provided quickly to compensate for engine speed.

Identification of "Carrying wastage"

Plant efficiency problems are complex and not as though there will be endless, if we trace in detail the activities of manufacturing has a side that charges against the company’s costs but if we are observant then all forms of corporate expenses due to production activity can be minimized gradually. So it is with carrying wastage, without realizing it also affects the timely delivery of time (Just-In-Time-JIT), which ultimately also affect the high production cost. Many activities are carried out everyday which is a waste. Starting from shipping, store activity, production and other activity. All these activities are mostly wasted in the sense that if it changed its management will be able to reduce the waste that exists. Activities move goods from one place to another does require special handling and standardization are clear. If there are accumulated a lot of moving goods and even thousands of activities conducted by the workers and of course thousands of kilometers of distance cove

Manufacturing wastage will of Increase of Operating Fund

Expenses are very complex enterprise, ranging from raw material costs, production costs, maintenance costs, labor costs and others. With the manufacturing waste, the company will increase the cost burden. Therefore, all waste must be managed and removed from manufacturing. How big is the burden borne by stocking waste which occurs in the production. This is a variable that is difficult to quantify because it involves the habits, activities conducted daily. Savings derived from lean manufacturing activities and reduce waste may be calculated if the tangible gains and losses can be known.