Reloading of Articles Led to Waste Time

Too many points of suspension or temporary storage at the plant will also cause problems. Obvious problems that will occur will lead to waste time, especially for work loading and unloading of materials from the conveyance or removal of the means of conveyance.

Activities will be spent loading and unloading articles operator. It also will cause a lot of waste time. This possibility will always occur repeatedly in the event queue before being processed articles. In standard conditions should be placed near the production machines, but because of the place is full then placed around the place occupied by the material should not have to wait for production.

Then, why should happen stack / queue in such a way? There are so many factors that could cause this. For example, production machinery suddenly broken, there are workers who are absent, there are lots of sudden changes and so forth.

This problem can be solved with a mature production planning. Anticipation of rapid labor turnover. Make vertical space with designs that facilitate the retrieval and processing and of course could contain more.

Thereby minimize loading and unloading activities, as more and more activities such losses waste time, manpower, and reduced productivity.



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