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Quality will Lead to Lower Costs

Quality products are usually expensive. Assumption that the quality synonymous with expensive, is not entirely true. There is a correlation between the high cost of production with high quality. Inspections are layered, with rigorous quality control involves many personnel and control equipment, which is expected to create a product that actually qualified. The cost to support it is not little. How many inspection staff should be deployed, how many control devices should be installed and so on. In the modern enterprises are still many ways to deliver a quality product, with jointly build lean enterprise system and savings in all areas of well-organized and patterned. This is the concept of lean manufacturing is undertaken by international companies and builds a company with a clear vision and sustained. Not only momentary gain, but rather the continuous development of the company’s global market.

Quality is Expensive

Good quality will be paid a great price. For the company’s standards it is a truth. But not for the concept of Deming company. Quality will lead to lower costs. This means that quality can not be paid handsomely. For many manufacturing companies how to deliver the best quality without having to raise prices. One method for forming a good-quality is the way to the concept of lean manufacturing in an enterprise environment. Lean manufacturing is a step to reduce waste at the company, both in the office area, production and warehouse storage. Lean manufacturing activity is accompanied by the maintenance of quality in accordance with the standards required.

The importance of Quality Assurance Role

Production processes that are running will always be controlled by the supervisor, the supervisor in question in terms of input and output production. Member settings, engine optimization, material treatment, implementation of 5s in the production area, the implementation of appropriate work procedures, and implementation of lean manufacturing and lean sigma which has been taught by a team of six sigma. Implementation of lean sigma and lean manufacturing that has the purpose of improving productivity and quality, had to be done by all parties in the company without exception. But there was one more section that plays a role in surveillance, research and continuous quality improvement. Common across the firm, section or department responsible for the quality, the QC (Quality Control) and QA (Quality Assurance).

Deming Chain Reaction In Cost Reduction Program

Deming's Chain Reaction Dr. William Edward Deming, a professor of quality management from the United States put forward a reaction known as Deming’s Chain Reaction. According to Deming, any improvements made by the industry would make the activity of system processes in the industry getting better and better. Quality improvement activities with the overall industry will experience an increase in productivity due to waste and inefficiency is reduced slowly. Customers will benefit from increased productivity by getting more and more products are qualified at the level of cost per unit is declining constantly. If the customer has acknowledged the high quality, trust will be established and released a difficult partner. In addition it will tell customers at competitive prices and quality products to someone else / another prospect, so the demand for products will increase. This will ultimately expand the market share. If the industry remains consistent in its business, it will increase

Eliminate waste to increase profits

Company’s commitment to increase value added products and commitment to provide high quality products and compete in global markets into a separate test for the perpetrators of manufacturing. When an industrial company has a high commitment of the management is continuously and sustainably will experience real results. This is indicated by a continuous reduction in waste costs by marked decreases in total quality and managed to improve customer satisfaction continuously. In these conditions the company can be said will generate higher profits.You can prefer electronic waste disposal as well which will be more profitable.

Maintain Competitive Prices and Profit Margins Together

companies complain of rising world oil, which will indirectly affect the cost of production and higher selling prices. Even if the selling price fixed, meaning thin profit margins, even if the company is not careful in the calculations, can be said to lose. Condition that forces management to think hard to survive. If the price is raised, it does not compete with other competitors and if it is not raised then the company will lose money. How appropriate action to address this kind of problem? One is the continuous cost reduction just as discussed earlier. Continuous improvement efforts will greatly help to reduce the company’s losses. Any quality improvement efforts will eliminate or reduce the waste that exists in the relevant industry system, so the price per unit will automatically be reduced.