Good quality will be paid a great price. For the company’s standards it is a truth. But not for the concept of Deming company. Quality will lead to lower costs. This means that quality can not be paid handsomely. For many manufacturing companies how to deliver the best quality without having to raise prices.

One method for forming a good-quality is the way to the concept of lean manufacturing in an enterprise environment. Lean manufacturing is a step to reduce waste at the company, both in the office area, production and warehouse storage. Lean manufacturing activity is accompanied by the maintenance of quality in accordance with the standards required.

With the savings in all areas, the efficiency of the existing continuous reduction of costs can be to offset other costs, such as compensation for price increases of raw materials, compensation increases in oil prices and so on. So the quality is still excellent, the company can deliver a competitive price.

Quality is an absolute must in the international industry. Lack of quality will be a boomerang for the company itself to be losers. But that does not mean having to raise prices. An option to increase the selling price is the last option after the concept of lean manufacturing as a whole.