Production processes that are running will always be controlled by the supervisor, the supervisor in question in terms of input and output production. Member settings, engine optimization, material treatment, implementation of 5s in the production area, the implementation of appropriate work procedures, and implementation of lean manufacturing and lean sigma which has been taught by a team of six sigma.

Implementation of lean sigma and lean manufacturing that has the purpose of improving productivity and quality, had to be done by all parties in the company without exception. But there was one more section that plays a role in surveillance, research and continuous quality improvement. Common across the firm, section or department responsible for the quality, the QC (Quality Control) and QA (Quality Assurance).

There are several companies that incorporate QA and QC in one department, but there are also companies that separate the two, depending on the areas of work which she lived. If possible split as to the specification of tasks and authority, it must be separated. But the bottom line is the section responsible for the quality of products produced. QC (Quality Control) is java on product quality during the production proceed, while the QA (Quality Assurance) is to serve the customer by keeping the product in the best quality conditions.