Company’s commitment to increase value added products and commitment to provide high quality products and compete in global markets into a separate test for the perpetrators of manufacturing. When an industrial company has a high commitment of the management is continuously and sustainably will experience real results. This is indicated by a continuous reduction in waste costs by marked decreases in total quality and managed to improve customer satisfaction continuously. In these conditions the company can be said will generate higher profits.You can prefer electronic waste disposal as well which will be more profitable.

Total revenue increased and decreased total cost will have a positive impact to the company if the rising trend. From the figure can be seen that the causes of waste will reduce the cost of continuous production, thus increasing the value-added products. In addition, management commitment to continuously improve customer satisfaction will increase total revenue through customer loyalty towards the product.

Ultimately this will increase the company’s growth through continuous profit improvement due to increased amount of profit is the difference between total revenue and total cost will be greater over time.

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