Quality products are usually expensive. Assumption that the quality synonymous with expensive, is not entirely true. There is a correlation between the high cost of production with high quality. Inspections are layered, with rigorous quality control involves many personnel and control equipment, which is expected to create a product that actually qualified. The cost to support it is not little. How many inspection staff should be deployed, how many control devices should be installed and so on.

In the modern enterprises are still many ways to deliver a quality product, with jointly build lean enterprise system and savings in all areas of well-organized and patterned. This is the concept of lean manufacturing is undertaken by international companies and builds a company with a clear vision and sustained. Not only momentary gain, but rather the continuous development of the company’s global market.

Quality will lead to lower costs, that’s what happened to the concept of lean manufacturing is carried out with a strong commitment to the organization and management companies. Without reducing the quality that has been made​​, these companies will do the introspection of the waste-derived waste in all areas of the company. Little by little, but continued to receive waste outlined progressive measures in order to eliminate the waste. Slightest progress should be regarded as remarkable progress. One second of time savings gained from the management deserves appreciation. Second one in 1000 work cycle, is a tremendous advantage.