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Continuous Cost Reduction for Global Competition

An industry companies that will succeed are the companies that can win the market competition. Competition in global markets, as now imposed on manufacturers to reduce costs that are considered the company’s financial influence. But more importantly accuracy in capturing the waste management of the company and not realized by the employee and member of the company concerned. Costs in the industry play a very important role in terms of creating competence in inter-industry competition in the global market. Proportion of production costs in general could reach 70% to 90% of the total cost of sales as a whole, thereby reducing production costs will make the selling price set by the manufacturers become more competitive.

Basics of Leadership Skills for Business

With the training conducted on an ongoing basis with topics that are designed in a systematic and focused will make the fundamentals of business leadership that are useful in the practice of professional management, so it will be able to build the organization’s Lean Sigma Enterprise system as a learning organization. Performance management can be monitored continuously and analyzed weaknesses and strengths to make an evaluation of the quality improvement organization, and of course the output of the companies concerned. Analysis of performance management and employees relating to Implementation of lean sigma projects basically focused on two aspects: – Aspects of knowledge management and employees to the principles of lean-sigma – Aspects related to employee motivation and management for continuous improvement with the right methods and right on target.

Basic Principles of Lean-Sigma To Win the Competition

The term lean is an attempt to pass the renewal and reduce the variety of waste in a company to improve the quality of the product or service so that it will be worth more in the eyes of the customer. The basic concept of Lean-Sigma in the end is the lower costs incurred in the activities of the company. In this case the company concentrates identifying costs that should not be excluded. In other words the savings made by emphasizing the good work efficiency is realized by the member firms or not. As known in advance that the implementation of lean manufacturing was first introduced by Taiichi Ohno of Toyota Motor Company, a world-class giant company that is always active and doing improvement innovations in the field of efficiency and product quality. With such conditions the company Toyota to compete in world markets with a quality and competitive price.

Lean Six Sigma Training is a continuous training

Each lean six sigma training has long-term goal, namely to make continuous improvement and sustainable. Six Sigma Training does not stop at training in the classroom, provide examples of improvement, the practice field of the concept has been obtained. But a company with a trainer to come at considerable cost, hoping that there will be significant efficiency to the company’s performance. Keep in mind that to obtain the expected value of efficiency need quite a long time and cannot be achieved instantly. All companies are aware of it, that the point of improvement will be seen when there is a problem. Based on the problem that member companies will be required to complete. Thus the system resolution of the issues that created a unified system of standardization and to solve them. Training to be the mainstay for forming the mindset of employees to respond to problems and have the weapons to finish it.

Lean Training Contains Motivational Messages

Make the training should not just train. Wrapping the training to be more than learning about Lean-Sigma Enterprise System. Emphasis on specific messages that are motivating trainees must be provided. This is important because the training would be more meaningful if the target audience actually doing what is taught in training. If not then the target is a major goal of lean sigma training enterprise will be a transit of people working just a formality. There is no added value to increase labor productivity. Participants of the production machine operator would be very reluctant to follow the training provided. Better job running the machine instead of having the room to listen to lectures from a trainer. Habit of working on all machines will greatly influence the effectiveness of training provided. This has been a subject of importance how, production member could be given more training to enjoy without burdening them. Their training to improve performance and the performance that mig

Lean Sigma Training Methods That Attract

One cause of the effectiveness of the project is a lean six sigma training methods are varied and interesting. It really depends of the training curriculum and delivery by a smart trainer. A highly influential trainer in the delivery of content to the participants, especially the way the trainers are varied and not boring. A trainer must think that the six sigma training is not a burden but something that can be enjoyed and used as an exciting competition and entrenched corporate environment. The use of a combination of various styles and techniques of training to be one way to make training interesting. Several techniques have been developed are face to face. To-face method is usually prone to boredom trainees. In other words, the trainer should be able to manipulate his presentation with exciting things, such as audio visual, dynamic presentations are accompanied by a short film describing the project, the animation is able to arouse interest of participants and so on.

Build Knowledge and Understanding of Lean Sigma Enterprise System

Training materials provided to all member companies must be able to build a culture, knowledge and a thorough understanding of six sigma. And for the delivery of materials and trainer who is experienced trainer should not only of theories in the book but the experience in six sigma enterprise system in practice and indeed had been a six sigma project executor. Thus the participants really feel the atmosphere is exciting and real improvement. Training materials should be interesting and fun, involving all participants contributed to the improvement of the company. Participants were taken to be subject to improvement. And motivate a continuous basis and always provide an understanding that it’s a nice improvement, and someone must have given pride to the improvement.