Training materials provided to all member companies must be able to build a culture, knowledge and a thorough understanding of six sigma. And for the delivery of materials and trainer who is experienced trainer should not only of theories in the book but the experience in six sigma enterprise system in practice and indeed had been a six sigma project executor. Thus the participants really feel the atmosphere is exciting and real improvement.

Training materials should be interesting and fun, involving all participants contributed to the improvement of the company. Participants were taken to be subject to improvement. And motivate a continuous basis and always provide an understanding that it’s a nice improvement, and someone must have given pride to the improvement.

Training will be interesting if accompanied by practices that really work areas in accordance with each participant. Knowledge imparted training in the theory becomes a handle for improvement in working practices. Then the practices of existing theories will provide more insight to the participants. After it makes the culture of work and maintain the conditions which have been established in order to continuously be a very important thing. It also should look for points of waste will be the next improvement project.