Each lean six sigma training has long-term goal, namely to make continuous improvement and sustainable. Six Sigma Training does not stop at training in the classroom, provide examples of improvement, the practice field of the concept has been obtained. But a company with a trainer to come at considerable cost, hoping that there will be significant efficiency to the company’s performance.

Keep in mind that to obtain the expected value of efficiency need quite a long time and cannot be achieved instantly. All companies are aware of it, that the point of improvement will be seen when there is a problem. Based on the problem that member companies will be required to complete. Thus the system resolution of the issues that created a unified system of standardization and to solve them. Training to be the mainstay for forming the mindset of employees to respond to problems and have the weapons to finish it.

Slightest improvement to be done every day, any time and continuously on an ongoing basis. Lean Sigma training is right to have a clear purpose and direction. Short-term goals that have medium and long term. Improvement that is instant and provide supplies to creatively make continuous improvement.