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Total Quality Management, TQM

Many times the companies that successfully develop quality management techniques in order to meet customer demand and manage properly the bias eventually won the competition in the global market. The concept of quality management is every company has its own distinctive character and features but in general will have the same mission and vision From the results of studies on the success of companies world-class industry that has developed the concept of quality within the company, was born the so-called Total Quality Management, TQM. In developing countries leading to the industrial countries need to build a modern quality system and an integrated quality management practices in various areas of life as a “weapon” to win the competition in the global market. Advanced industries in developed countries have implemented the concept of quality is gradually and now has entered a very tight market with a high level of competition. In Japan and in America is a country that can be used a refer

Quality Made Collectively

In the modern enterprises, the creation of quality not based on one section quality, or top management, or any inspector. But the creation of quality based on the shared responsibility of the system and the way work is referring to lean manufacturing, in other words the system and the concept of quality is made jointly, through joint meetings and also set major goals and objectives that industry. So that each member has a role in determining company policy. Awareness will be key to the success of the quality of a system of quality control in a company. Consciousness is a collective consciousness of all the member companies that directly relate to the product or not. This awareness will grow if all members of the company was given ample space for expression and creativity as well as a tribute to those who really contributed to the company. Vision and mission must be formulated together especially to do with quality. Determination of goals and objectives of industry short, medium and lon

Quality will Lead to Lower Costs

Quality products are usually expensive. Assumption that the quality synonymous with expensive, is not entirely true. There is a correlation between the high cost of production with high quality. Inspections are layered, with rigorous quality control involves many personnel and control equipment, which is expected to create a product that actually qualified. The cost to support it is not little. How many inspection staff should be deployed, how many control devices should be installed and so on. In the modern enterprises are still many ways to deliver a quality product, with jointly build lean enterprise system and savings in all areas of well-organized and patterned. This is the concept of lean manufacturing is undertaken by international companies and builds a company with a clear vision and sustained. Not only momentary gain, but rather the continuous development of the company’s global market.

Management support in the implementation of LeanSigma

Implementation of Lean-Sigma Enterprise System requires a cross functional management relating to the coordination of activity units (integrated enterprise) for the realized cross-functional goals and policies regarding the dissemination of Lean-Sigma implementation along the value stream. Value Stream is defined as the process to create, produce, and deliver products to market. For the manufacture of goods, value stream includes raw material suppliers, manufacturing and assembly, and distribution network to the user’s goods. For the service (service), value stream consists of suppliers, support personnel and technology, producer services, and service distribution channels. While cross-functional team is defined as a collection of people from various departments who are assigned to specific tasks such as the implementation of new systems, etc.

Shewhart's Cycles

Every improvement requires a systematic method to solve a problem. The steps taken in the repair is an ongoing process to achieve near-perfect production quality. Shewhart’s Cycles, one of the measures designed to ease resolve quality problems. The method used in the form of cycles in order to be sustainable into the next cycles. PDCA concept which later developed into a standardized problem solving as well as increased productivity and quality.

Juran's Quality Trilogy: Providing the Needs for Improvement

In Juran’s Quality Trilogy, is the second point is the quality improvement. Improvement is an important activity in manufacturing. For that we need the support of all parties. The Company will not be able to compete if it does not make improvement. To get the best product quality can not be achieved by means of instant, but the improvement done in stages. The things most important improvement is the participation of all components of the company. Improvement projects should be supported fully. It should also be done by the ranks of top management. Top management has the power to decide everything about the company’s policy will be crucial, especially in the provision needs improvement