In the modern enterprises, the creation of quality not based on one section quality, or top management, or any inspector. But the creation of quality based on the shared responsibility of the system and the way work is referring to lean manufacturing, in other words the system and the concept of quality is made jointly, through joint meetings and also set major goals and objectives that industry. So that each member has a role in determining company policy.

Awareness will be key to the success of the quality of a system of quality control in a company. Consciousness is a collective consciousness of all the member companies that directly relate to the product or not. This awareness will grow if all members of the company was given ample space for expression and creativity as well as a tribute to those who really contributed to the company.

Vision and mission must be formulated together especially to do with quality. Determination of goals and objectives of industry short, medium and long term must involve all components of the company. Respects for workers to engage directly determine the direction of the company that is the motivation and the power company to make breakthrough in the quality of midwife and the concept of advanced and competitive companies.