In Juran’s Quality Trilogy, is the second point is the quality improvement. Improvement is an important activity in manufacturing. For that we need the support of all parties. The Company will not be able to compete if it does not make improvement. To get the best product quality can not be achieved by means of instant, but the improvement done in stages.

The things most important improvement is the participation of all components of the company. Improvement projects should be supported fully. It should also be done by the ranks of top management. Top management has the power to decide everything about the company’s policy will be crucial, especially in the provision needs improvement

1. Financial Support

An improvement is impossible if done without adequate financial support, so that coordination between managers determine the success or failure of an improvement.

2. Support facilities
Lots of facilities necessary for improvement, such as computers for data processing and analysis, instrumentation for measurement and testing purposes, meeting room / training room for discussion, training equipment to apply the results of improvement to the service and many more facilities are needed.

3. Moral Support

Sometimes frequent contradictions in the company in terms of improvement. The contradiction between this department could indirectly inhibit the improvement process. For example, finance department can not meet all quality improvement project financing, while the department is needed for quality improvement. Problems like this should be discussed and resolved by the top management wisely so that all goes well.

Similarly, inter-department production with department quality problems will often occur. From the production side but want the target product quality improvement project and the parties want settlement in production

All it takes planning and policy of quality, productivity and improvement in a coordinated manner with each other.