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Production Reduction by Carrying wastage

Any waste would obviously make the productivity will decrease. But this time I will discuss about the decline in productivity caused by carrying waste. As explained earlier that wastage is carrying all the transportation activities which include activities of loading and unloading, transporting goods, unload, move goods from one place to another. Activities related to transport activities is much cause problems and waste that should be eliminated or minimized in stages. Decrease in productivity is among others caused by: 1. Disrupted delivery schedules Schedule timely delivery of materials is the key of the machine or production efficiency can be achieved. In the event of disruption to the delivery of the material production then automatically schedules production will also be disrupted. Production is delayed or interrupted because production had to stop because of certain conditions. Productivity of production machines will not work optimally.

Visualize the 5S Improvement with Photos

Every time there is improvement, the image must be created and installed near the last photo to show the chronological series of improvements. If the date of the upcoming shooting events have been notified and recorded clearly in the chart (photos posted on the bulletin board.) This will be the goal and will help increase the desire of workers to continue to show improvement till that date. These charts are also used by supervisors for assessment. Photography is a great incentive for workers and allow management to continue improvement activities effectively. Through portraits of activity, workers can see first hand his skills with a sense of pride or shame. Awareness that improvement is necessary is a spontaneous reaction to an embarrassing photograph. Conversely, if the portrait of activities shows that the regulations have been implemented 5S, workers have set a good example and a role model for her coworkers.

Lean Manufacturing 5S

In the world of lean manufacturing terms we often hear. Lean manufacturing or lean production is always campaigned to achieve high efficiency and high productivity firms. The term itself is lean manufacturing activities that manage the overall components in the company’s activities in the industry with the main purpose is to serve the customer preferred product, but its management remains in control and eliminate activities that are harmful or non-value activity

Simplifying Tool as Simple as Possible

The question that often arises from a manager who handles lean manufacturing to the operation associated with the tool is “Can the tooling variation can be reduced?” The consideration is if possible reduced the time required to search tools, screwdrivers, wrenches can be reduced. The next question is “What is the variation in the screw tightening operations can be combined? So one tool can be used for a screw.

Can Equipment be Replaced by Hand?

Seiri, Get rid of as much as possible tools that can be replaced by hand. That is what must be considered in lean manufacturing . Getting rid of the equipment here does not mean eliminating safety equipments like speed ramps that should reduce the burden on humans in performing their duties, but if the equipment can be replaced with empty hands,then transmission jack is one of the equipment.To buy the jack checkout this transmission jack review from . Conversely, exclusion of this tool should help workers complete the task quickly.

Implementation of the WIP

Seiri and Seiton typically applied to WIP. Toyota production system is specifically emphasized the importance of stock reduction. Improvement activities will run smoothly if everyone in the entire plant to feel the extravagance, interference or problems. These problems include excessive WIP stock, stock units and the defects that were obstructed by the interference machinery manufacturing processed next. Lean manufacturing will run as expected if the 5S management principles , especially the concept Seiton Seiri and applied to WIP management. In order for each operator to know the problems, standardized goods with plate placement instructions. Examples glance will enable anyone to easily know whether a certain item boxes are the proper place or not, or whether the boxes above the maximum.

Parking Areas Should not be Overlooked

When customers come to see the manufacturing process, the first seen is the management of parking areas. Good parking area will give the impression of comfort and confidence to customers to better identify products that are produced and subsequently will be customers who buy products in our factory. For that 5S lean manufacturing concepts to be applied on the area which is often visited by travelers. Maybe it is less affected by labor productivity and product quality, but we explore it further, management of parking areas will determine the level of customer confidence. Trust is at the added value of product sales. Signal whеn turning іntо thе parking space. Thіѕ wіll communicate tо оthеr drivers аѕ wеll аѕ pedestrians іn thе isle уоu аrе turning frоm. Nоt signaling wіll deduct points оn a drive test. If you want to get more about the garage rental services, do visit.

SEISO - Keep Clean Workplace

A lean manufacturing with the 5S campaign should be able to visually show the working environment, ranging from the entrance to the company, the receptionist space, office space, production space, stores and loading bay. If the visits should be no waste at all, then dust off the desk or machined-engine work. And all this can only be carried out together all the employees who can maintain cleanliness in their respective workplace. And one more thing, do not hang to the commercial cleaning service to do all that, because of the limited trial can not cover all areas of the company. SEISO activity is the cleaning process in which a regional basis in the broom and mop with the mop. Because the floors, windows and walls should be cleaned, Seiso here equivalent to the large-scale cleanup activities conducted each year end in Japan’s household

SEITON – Proper arrangement

Next 5S activity is Seiton , which is neatly arrange and identify objects for ease of use. Japanese word “Seiton” literally means preparing all sorts of things in interesting ways. In the context of Lean Manufacturing 5S, meaningful set of goods so that each person can find it quickly. To achieve this step the bookmark label used to assign each item and also its placement. Systematic arrangement will make it easier to reach and require a short time. By creating a label name, category of goods will look neat and eye pleasing. More than that would be more efficient in its use.

The Boss Also Had To Clean Up

5S activity is not only directed to the operator and lower-level employees, but the important thing is exemplary of the heads of companies who are willing and with the awareness of clean-up activity in the work environment. Inside the room a boss, in the morning before any activity there is always work cleaning service workers who sweep and wash the table, cabinets, windows from dirt. It was the duty of a cleaning service, but not all parts can be in reach by a cleaning service, for example, important books, personal items placed on the table and others.

Data Sources for Gathering Voice of Customer

Consumer voice to benchmark our product success in penetrating the market. Basically the market demand does not change that, continuitas production, providing fast, production quality and low prices. However, all forms of voice of the customer must still be heard and taken seriously for customer satisfaction. After all customer satisfaction is the main purpose of a manufacturer. Source data from the consumer / customer can be obtained from anywhere, be it directly or heard from others. Some of the activities of interaction with the customer that can be used as voice of customer data sources are as follows: