Seiri, Get rid of as much as possible tools that can be replaced by hand. That is what must be considered in lean manufacturing. Getting rid of the equipment here does not mean eliminating safety equipments like speed ramps that should reduce the burden on humans in performing their duties, but if the equipment can be replaced with empty hands,then transmission jack is one of the equipment.To buy the jack checkout this transmission jack review from Conversely, exclusion of this tool should help workers complete the task quickly.

A simple example is workers who will install the screws. If using regular screws so that will perform the following steps:
The first step, look for screws that vary in size, the length of the screws and matching screw
The second step, Finding a screwdriver or wrench to tighten the screws
Step three, start tightening the screws with a screwdriver
The fourth step, restore the original place screwdriver.

The four steps to install the screws should be passed. In these activities there are several obstacles that could prolong the time of installation are:
1. Types of screws which are many and varied will complicate the search, let alone the shape and size is almost the same and only divided a few millimeters. This may take a long time.
2. Searching wrench or screwdriver that many species also spent a long time. For workers who are not accustomed to having trouble finding a screwdriver that fits the screw.

One solution to accelerate the work in accordance with lean manufacturing, is to modify the shape of the screw in such a way that it can be done by hand. For example, change with butterfly screws as shown below.

It only takes a short step to put the screws are:
1. Looking for a relatively easy screw
2. Began to tighten

To achieve lean manufacturing many ways with the main objective to reduce mileage, reduce time, reduce manpower and so forth.