Consumer voice to benchmark our product success in penetrating the market. Basically the market demand does not change that, continuitas production, providing fast, production quality and low prices. However, all forms of voice of the customer must still be heard and taken seriously for customer satisfaction.

After all customer satisfaction is the main purpose of a manufacturer. Source data from the consumer / customer can be obtained from anywhere, be it directly or heard from others. Some of the activities of interaction with the customer that can be used as voice of customer data sources are as follows:

1. Customer research. This is a mandatory part of a company to capture consumer data about the products that will be launched and to get consumer responses to products already on the market. Every company must have a research and development department. Any research can be done independently or require independent research effort to produce the desired data.

2. Transaction. Any transactions with certain customers of our company with no customer interaction. Everyinteraction, bargaining, complain and so is a source of data that can be used as material for further improvement.

3. Customer service. Every company must have a department that handles customer problems. In general, the customer service. That each department is in talks, bargaining, complaint, claim, and so forth. With the intensity of interactions with this customer, this department can collect all forms of customer complaints.