The question that often arises from a manager who handles lean manufacturing to the operation associated with the tool is “Can the tooling variation can be reduced?”

The consideration is if possible reduced the time required to search tools, screwdrivers, wrenches can be reduced. The next question is “What is the variation in the screw tightening operations can be combined? So one tool can be used for a screw.

Designers production machine or car designer will always be accurate in anticipating the assembly process for can be done quickly and accurately. One of them is in designing shoulder screws to incorporate parts of one another, for example, to accelerate the installation of the screw of a uniform design (if possible in terms of strength). If for reasons of strength and type of screw should be made differently, so you can do is make it close to equal, at least in firming action.

Overall design of the screw should be designed wherever possible to support the lean manufacturing program. With an optimal design is expected to reduce operating costs caused by the waste of time.

Simplification tools will greatly affect the time required in one assembly operation. As shown in the picture, workers should provide 4 types of screwdrivers for 4 types of screws. After replaced with 1 type of model screw it enough workers providing a type of screwdriver. Based on figure 4 activity can be condensed into one event only.

Obviously, with just replacing the screw type was able to save a quarter of the usual time, it means lean manufacturing can be achieved.