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5S training a lean manufacturing approach

5S training in design as a medium for disseminating awareness of the importance of disciplined approach in conjunction with the housekeeping. 5S is a lean manufacturing technique that most affect the implementation of lean manufacturing that aims to minimize waste-waste at the plant. So with trainings that are well managed then lean manufacturing objectives will be achieved with ease. The formation of consciousness as lean manufacturing 5s housekeeping to be done in an organized and continuous. Because it deals with the formation of habits of association, habit to work where everyone has a different character.

How to be Excellent with 5s Methodology

5S is the vocabulary most heard by those who run the profession in the manufacturing world. As an employee of the manufacturing industry certainly 5S concept that comes from the Japanese language is already attached and continue to run. 5S is meant in the Japanese language such as Seiri, Seiton, Sheisou, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke. The concept is mostly run on the company both domestic and foreign companies because it has a large contribution to the success of a company. 5S is often known only to the hygiene philosophy imposed by the Japanese. In fact this concept is not so, 5S is not just a way used to just clean the plant or workplace but as a way to organize, how to manage the workplace, repair and pruning unnecessary operational processes. Workplace area management effectively and efficiently is part of 5S. In addition, the company must also manage the workplace area as well as manage the work patterns to be more effective and efficient. Companies are also advised to cut off all forms

5s lean Implementation

5S Implementation The application of 5S method in lean has been widely applied to companies not only factory / manufacturing industry but also its implementation has been done by hospital, education, even government. The example of 5S implementation in Toyota has been an inspiration to entrepreneurs who ultimately this method in various instances. 5S in Kaizen Kaizen is a better improvement activity. In doing Kaizen activity is very necessary starting from implemantasi 5S. This will facilitate the kaizen team when identifying the problem, let alone kaizen 5S can be used as one way to get all employees from different levels to promote the improvement process in their respective work areas. 1. Short or Separation. Which means cleaning out unused items. It is important for you to clean and keep the tools or tools that you do not need right now, it will make it easier for you to know and keep your work area from uncomfortable, and will make it easier for you to find what you need. Ease of

5s Good Housekeeping Method

5s Good Housekeeping Method 5S is a method of structuring and maintenance of intensive work areas originating from Japan used by management in an effort to maintain order, efficiency, and discipline at the work site as well as to improve the company’s performance as a whole. The los angeles apartments also take these methods and take care of the apartments before someone lives in it. The application of 5S is generally applied in conjunction with kaizen implementation in order to encourage the effectiveness of 5S implementation. in America and Europe known as 5C. The contents of 5S include: 1.整理 (seiri), Sort, is an activity to get rid of items that are not needed so that all the goods on the work site only goods that are really needed in work activities. 2.整頓 (seiton), Straighten, everything must be placed according to the position set so ready for use when needed. 3.清楚 (seiso), Sweep, is an activity to clean the equipment and work area so that all work equipment is maintained in goo


1. Cost Reduction Through 5S or 6s The companies lean -sigma start a continuous improvement program is fundamentally through improved houses keeping Using the principles of 5S or 6 S to create and maintain a workplace that becomes a regular clean safe and has a high performance. 5S, allows anyone to separate conditions of normal and abnormal is the foundation for continuous improvement, zero defects , Reduction of costs and to create a safe working area and comfortable. 5S is also a systematic approach to improving the working environment, Processes and products by involving employees on the plant floor or (production line).

Before-after 5s activity

5s activities are not activities that require large funds, and great actions. But quite simple change that makes it better than ever expected to make continuous improvement. Examples The following pictures are the before-after 5s activity is in the photo as countermeasures against improvement. From Before after 5s activity