5S Implementation
The application of 5S method in lean has been widely applied to companies not only factory / manufacturing industry but also its implementation has been done by hospital, education, even government. The example of 5S implementation in Toyota has been an inspiration to entrepreneurs who ultimately this method in various instances.
5S in Kaizen
Kaizen is a better improvement activity. In doing Kaizen activity is very necessary starting from implemantasi 5S. This will facilitate the kaizen team when identifying the problem, let alone kaizen 5S can be used as one way to get all employees from different levels to promote the improvement process in their respective work areas.
1. Short or Separation.
Which means cleaning out unused items. It is important for you to clean and keep the tools or tools that you do not need right now, it will make it easier for you to know and keep your work area from uncomfortable, and will make it easier for you to find what you need. Ease of finding the difference or your work tools, will make you summarize or save time dalm search tools.

2. Set or Setup.
Organize and label the place for everything, it means that it is necessary for you to put your work tools into a place that you easily search either by using visual display or placement that has been set.
In the practice of lean manufacturing or lean enterprise, employees generally place and label their work tools. It’s not just lean manufacturing that’s been practicing this, if you’ve been to or often been to a vehicle workshop like a motorcycle, you’ll see mechanics placing their work tools in special boxes for their work tools, and if you look at the walls of the workshop generally they put the shadow board to detect their work tools.

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3. Shine or Clean.
Eliminate all dirt, oil, …. and so forth. Keep in mind the dirt in your work area is a sign of trouble. If dirt such as dust, rust or the like, you leave it in your work area then the dirt will contaminate the area.

4. Standardize or Standardize.
Which means you have to create rules or standards to maintain 3S (short, set and shine) above. in making these standards, generally required steps such as:

Identify the best method to perform the task.
Document the steps to perform the standard.
Follow the standard method.
Working to keep improving methods after a better way is found to be standard.
Use visual management tools, such as drawings, flow charts, color codes, position marks, and so on. It is used to show the right way or method.

5. Sustain or Familiarize.
This means using management audit management to keep the 3S (short, set and shine) followed in accordance with existing standards or rules, with the aim of improving the discipline. Even if found that is not in accordance with the standards, then required continuous improvement. To ensure and know that everyone in the organization of the company is ensured to follow the rules of the established standards